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What can we do with Manke GPS sharing scooter  .

1, Scan QR Code to unlock the GPS scooter, then power on the scooter to ride.

2, It will start timing and charging money When you unlock the GPS sharing scooter.

3, There is a power-off button on the GPS sharing scooter,  which also can stop the scooter to charging money when you power off the scooter with the button.

4, The GPS sharing scooter can be locked with APP after the riding finished, and also stop charging money and stop timekeeping.

5, The scooter is equiped with GPS locating function.

6, The information about GPS sharing scooter location, remaining capacity of battery, Cycling track can be checked from your server backstage.

7, The Alarm system will send the information back to the server backstage when the GPS sharing scooter is removed while it is power off (locked).

8, Although the GPS sharing scooter is power-off (locked), it is also will send the scooter location information back to the server backstage every 3 hours.

9, The GPS sahring scooter can be unlocked by Bluetooth when there is no network.

sharing electric scooter

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Max Speed: more than 25 km/h

Max climbing angle :20 degree

Material :  Aluminium electric scooter

Battery capacity:7.8A LG battery (4.4 6.6 ah optional)                                          

GPS:  2G (3G and 4G availible ) , 

Mileage:  25km

Brake:  Electronic brake, disc brake   

Tire : aire tile(  solid tyre  availible)                 

Working Voltage: 36v                                     

Charging Time: 3-4H                                        

Light: Headlight, Brake Tailight                       

Net weight: 12kg                                            

Gross weight: 15.8kg                                         

Unfolding size:  1054*436*1150mm                             

Folding size:  1054*436*480mm                     

Packing Size: 1145*195*520mm

         GPS sharing requirements:


TAG:  GPS scooter sharing scooter supplier GPS electric dvooter

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