Car phone wireless charging equipment solutions and the use of introduction

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The earliest mobile wireless charging device was on the market in mid-2013, but at the time because the device was only able to charge some of the designated mobile phones, he would not be able to wirelessly charge for many brand models. So only those who are willing to understand that only those who meet the requirements, but for others there is no desire to desire, and gradually the device was buried, the manufacturers did not solve its production, barely maintained However, due to the competitiveness and pressure of the market, the products have also subsided in the market. Buying people also forced a moment of curiosity, but did not bring much advantage and driving pleasure, consumers are also indifferent to its attitude.

Until today, dream company through more than a year to study the equipment, through constant practice to solve and experiment. Finally in mid-2017, this device was developed, which is also one of the new products independently developed by Dreamliner, with its own special patents and design technologies. In the production of an independent production line and a broad sales channels, products are now popular in more than 80 countries and regions at home and abroad, our aim is: the dream of the future, customer first. Firmly provide customers with high quality, better service and the effectiveness of the fastest time delivery, we uphold the principle of "mutual benefit and win-win, common development and common benefits."

What is the difference between today's car charger and the previous one?

In the past the design of the wireless charger in the color is relatively simple, there is no optional, color and material problems are frequent; the current device color and more options for consumers to choose their favorite type of equipment and Color, not fixing a color and type as before

Now the device is fully automatic, and different shapes of wireless mobile phone charging device its design is different; most of the previous devices need to manually remove the bayonet can put the phone on top of the charge, but now only need to Mobile phones can be placed above to achieve wireless charging, convenient and practicality is very strong.

In charging, the previous device only for some mobile phones to achieve wireless charging, but the dream of wireless mobile phone charger device developed for all smart phones only wireless charging function, as long as you are a smart phone, no matter what brand of models are Yes, so now this device developed by Dreamliner is more comprehensive and flexible to use.

In appearance, the current equipment can be demolished and well preserved, but the previous equipment in the material is easy to use plastic materials, and now the second equipment with aluminum and aluminum combination of the design and manufacture. Is the product on the outside and the design does not look so fragile, can not afford to beat; in terms of size, the size of the current equipment were: Unfolded size: 19cm Support bar length: 12cm Bayonet elongation: 9cm Mobile phone station : 7cm [This parameter can provide reference].

Now the equipment has its own intellectual property rights and independent best-selling patent at home and abroad, if the product sales in overseas sales agents need to get the dream company, or can not be sold. Prior to the product is not independent bestseller worldwide license, only as a simple tool to use life, there is no technical special technology patents in it.

Car wireless charger areas of use include:

a. In mobile driving, off-road, long-distance transport and other aspects, you can achieve mobile navigation and real-time mobile phone charging effect, so that driving will be more convenient and convenient. Such equipment will be more convenient in tourism.

b. If you are a car owners, buy a car is not a cell phone wireless charger, then you can give a loaded, and support for all smart phone charging, there is no limit, which also solved the previous device restrictions models One said. However, as far as I know, the original car's wireless charger needs 1500 or more installed, depending on your car and set, but if you buy a lot of savings compared to the installation, but also installed at any time can be adjusted .

c. It can also be placed in the home to charge the phone, easy to use; you can also install this equipment in the hotel, when the guests rest on the cell phone can be charged above, and people who love to play cell phones can also be above Click; in the restaurant, then the use of such equipment is the most frequent, after all, people who eat now like that phone to see if you put a wireless charging equipment where, I believe there are many people you want there

I believe more people can learn more about this device, bring you a lot of convenience driving and wireless charger, I believe it will have a better life!

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