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Car phone smart wireless charger, has been raised before, but did not materialize. With the perfect development of technology, our science and technology have gradually improved, and our fields of research and design have also gradually improved. The standard of living has also come to a normal stage. Whether in transportation or in day-to-day travel, we give Life provides more convenience.

To a large extent, we have created different facilities for different people, and aim to bring more convenience and convenience to life and change people's lives. However, in today's dream of independent research and development of a product, car wireless mobile phone charger officially drying out online, to more people brought a lot of convenience and convenience. For many people, what you often see is the kind of manual override of a caliper that has a card stuck to it, but not enough people, but many people know that sometimes it is inconvenient. The dream guest company to develop this mobile phone cradle charger, completely automatic, without your hands to operate, just your cell phone near the device 8-15cm, it will automatically caliper expansion, then you put the phone Put it on to achieve wireless charging, pay attention to when the phone to the top of the Founder, you can charge if you do not have to adjust the charge. This equipment is not only convenient and fast, for self-driving tour, cross-country, long distance run driver is non-honest use, even in the home, you can also achieve mobile wireless charging effect. Bring you life more happier and beautiful, make your life more fulfilled.

Wireless charger is a new product independently developed by Dreamliner Technology Co., Ltd., which is unique in the market at present. And people know more about the semi-automatic products that need to be used as a go-to operation that still can not achieve the requirements of wireless charging. This car-mounted wireless charging device fully implements the effect of automatic cell phone charging, which is convenient for drivers and mobile phones. Real-time navigation of electricity and mobile phones, so you are not worried about some of the chores such as no power to the phone, to solve your phone no problem. Shenzhen dream guest technology, the dream of the future, customer first, for many people to create a better use of mobile phones and travel convenience equipment!

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