19 inch cross-country scooter

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19-inch super-off-road electric scooter is a Dreamliner's new model, designed for lovers who like mountain cross-country creation, whether you are in the suburbs of the city or in rural areas of the earth, he can walk as usual, completely No need to worry about his inability to walk. From the appearance and performance, the 19-inch tire can be comparable to the city car, and its design is completely integrated off-road appearance, as long as it can within the reach of access. Whether it is the city outing or rural off-road measurement in rural areas, for him that is a piece of cake, and as to how to choose such a skateboard there is protection?


First look at the performance of this car: 19-inch off-road tires, enough to make you drive in any mountain or low-lying road, as long as most cars can pass the road, it is very easy for him; maximum Life of 45 km, which not only allows you to travel in the city to get greater satisfaction, but also allows you to travel on the road to enjoy more beautiful scenery and fun; maximum speed of 20km, you can make you feel his passion and surging, feeling His soothing attitude; 30-degree hillside viewing angle and 150kg extra-large load make you feel it is not only great fun off-road or physical and psychological challenges; 13.2A's large capacity, so you do not And then because of the small battery capacity and tangled, it can meet your needs; 72V voltage and 475W power, which is completely electric car power, and powered by lead-acid batteries as the power supply, he not only gives you a strong Motivation also brings you the car's humane, whether voltage or power will give you a different feeling of driving, so you can not pick anything wrong with him, and this is its superior place; he Charger is 220v / 60Hz circuit, allowing you to charge more convenient and sporty; coupled with the tire with a vacuum tire as a carry, so that he can walk in any environment, be assured without fear of the tire will be punctured Can not drive the problem.

In color design, the product is divided into black, pink, red, green, purple and yellow, these colors are also based on the people's favorite and become creative products, not only to a greater extent to meet the requirements of consumer choice, but also to meet Their color preferences, but also for many travel off-road enthusiasts feel satisfied.

19-inch off-road vehicles launched as a new product, more for those who like to travel, love sports people and established, so long as you like sports, full of contagious then you will love the 19-inch sport utility vehicle, dynamic and dynamic. As for the 19-inch cross-country scooter how to say? This is believed to be used by friends should know that in sports, as a large vehicle with a super tire, he can meet your off-road needs, to a greater extent make you feel its ability to omnipotent is not an actual situation, But there is real, choose a dream guest products, you have not only daily travel, off-road, traffic work will also have a healthy body and can overcome all psychological factors of the mind, I believe my dream is to choose a very The right choice, service, product quality, system certification, and so readily available. Dream guest welcome you to join, Tel: 0755-23005256 QQ: 1053706672 Official website: http://www.sz-manke.com

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