6.5 inch balance car Daquan introduction

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Balance the type of car, for the 6.5-inch hoverboard, we can be divided into: classic, King Kong, plating models, colors are: red, black, blue, purple, pink, green, red, according to Performance can be divided into: with Bluetooth, remote control, Marquee, mobile APP, each of the performance characteristics are not the same.

Classic: it applies to all those who like sports and have great balance car enthusiasts use, he can not only bring great pleasure to the athletes, but also to varying degrees to bring the hearts of our flame, it will you love the balance , All concentrated in a more beautiful and powerful design. So now as long as the purchase, you can enjoy the pleasure of surfing the land, cut through the silence, anytime, anywhere, as you wish, so passion and this great pleasure to bring you endless fun.

Electroplating models: the appearance of light and beautiful, rich sense of design, designed to give it more sports is the temptation to give you an elegant gesture, giving fashion movement pleasure, a high degree of clear LED running lights, lightweight pedal anti-skid design, Giving people the feeling of driving in the clouds on the movement, long battery life and up to 25 degrees climbing ability angle, in varying degrees gradually gave you with full confidence, believe it can bring you the fun of life At the same time to your life to add a little chic and unique sense of elegance.

King Kong models: the car design novel, angular, with Bluetooth remote control, multi-color choice, giving it not the same sports atmosphere, tires with solid tires and 5 waterproof settings, body light weight, is a young man to bear The weight, and he has a great feature, dual motor work, make you more assured and safe and reliable, the use of the process will bring you different sports experience, the car pedal with anti-skid pedal is designed, so For the control of the body of the turn and forward brake has an indispensable role, such a balance of the car not only to the driver's sense of movement to give you a sense of increased sense of sports design Fan children. An omnidirectional silhouette of design, in the eyes of people seems to be a running athlete, always ready to open another sports trip.

For this size of the balance of the car, driving it to travel and play the greatest satisfaction is the appearance of its design and prominent solid tires, giving the impression that is full of chic, full of vitality, full of movement. This is the case, so that more people have a deep impression on it, and they also travel and traffic to mention their own great performance. Life in its existence may make your life more rich and gorgeous.

Dreamer Technology Co., Ltd. produced a balanced car, whether it is from the appearance or quality or service aspects are to bring a light and chic and elegant feeling, whether you are in the company or an important occasion, as a simple carrying tools to bring You are more fun and sport to bring a sense of balance. It can make your body instantly and car into one, let your body movement to give it to specify the direction, start and stop parking and so are your physical control, such a car is not as good as it is that it is exercise Body health fitness equipment, a sports equipment, give you the physical soul of the sports fitness equipment. So you choose not only a tool to make you travel and entertainment, it is a fitness equipment, choose it is to make your life full of color.

Dreamer Balancing Car is a good helper to give sports health, life travel, and convenient transportation, with it you will eventually have a healthy body, you want to know it is not only a sport of transport, or a exercise your body Balance and psychological fear, sneak psychological repair and other one of the most practical products. Choose a dreamer, your life will become more beautiful.

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