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The word "balance car" comes from abroad, initially called the "bike", and his designer is a foreigner called Dean Carmen, and his invention makes his cooperation with DEKA Is very smooth, but for the time he should be regarded as a very good opportunity, of course, this is also inseparable from the results of his day and night effort, "thousands of failures is equal to a success" This is for all winners Best interpretation.

At that time, the success of his discovery was DEKA company in the form of the company's products in the form of the market, but because of the high price at that time, so few people buy, basically can be bought from the time Those big ones. And other people are watching them play, there is now saying, is "over addiction." But this time did not last long to be broken, and gradually someone to change their name, also known as' body car, balance Car, twist car, self-balancing electric scooter, three-wheel scooter 'and so on, many of the different names, which for the time to change is a big change.With the economic development, a lot of things From abroad to China, it is because of the emergence of this thing, many of us have a lot of fun on it, but the price is indeed a lot of money, when the price of a balance car reached more than RMB30000, many people and smart look at This is only about 2 years to be broken, the manufacturers in order to sell, continue to change the price, and ultimately determine a reasonable price, get about one - third of the people 's approval, the market gradually improved for the better.

Some people began to gradually study the balance of the car, the company also began to study from then on, and later to determine their own brand 'dreamer' English [manke]. In this way, the company began to start the production and processing of balanced vehicles, the balance of the processing aspects of the gradual improvement of the technical aspects of the industry is also the rise of the Jiao Jiao, service and quality, and other aspects of doing very well. However, the company stressed that the dream of "dream the future, the customer first" as the goal concept, creating a lot of high quality resources.

The word balance in today's people, it not only makes people's lives more convenient and convenient, but also brought a lot of fun. But what happens is it? Balance the maintenance and troubleshooting of the car, there are many questions in the face of balanced car selection? For example: how to balance the car charge? How does the balance car get off? After buying what he used, and ran not far and so on, but these are for the people who know is a problem, because when they chose to face such a problem, but the choice of dreamer balance car After this brand, a lot of problems are solved in our here, and in some areas have been in other places do not have the advantage. Regardless of the price or quality or all aspects of certification, etc., high-quality system certification to increase the quality of the service system, comprehensive aspects of the actual certification and assessment, the dream has become a foreign export trade company. Today's products sell well at home and abroad more than 80 countries and regions, which can not be separated from the dream of each company's efforts and pay. Service and honor coexistence, brand and quality win-win market.

Balance the car a simple term, hope that the word can bring you the fun of life and life convenience, choose a dreamer, is to choose a win-win situation, the dreamer welcome you!

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