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Scooter at the beginning of the time is the use of minors for entertainment tools, rather than travel and daily life as a shopping and tourism around the city to help the means of transport. With the development of technology and the development of science and technology, people through the study of children's entertainment scooters into adult use of vehicles, and the purchase of information that only 18 years of age, with a sense of safety awareness of adults can Use, but these are only the provisions of business fills, but still recommend adults to use safety points.

Through a period of research and improvement, two-wheel scooter was born, and his appearance and various aspects of the performance than the previous increase a lot times, life mileage from ten kilometers to 35-40km, greatly improved his superior Sex, but also highlights his advantages in terms of life and travel far away. Two rounds of scooters from the color is divided into: black, white, red, purple, and its performance before and after the shock type and rear wheel but the shock type, so that consumers give more choices; from the material Are divided into: aluminum alloy material, carbon fiber material and common materials; they have a common problem is: they are the city with the slider of the scooter, but the above accessories are different, some with the display controller, on the handle The So the performance and difference between them, basically can be said to be similar, not much to identify.

After the two-wheeled scooter was ripe, the three-wheeled scooter was born from the study of two-wheeled scooters, and his manufacturing and production processes were basically the same as the two-wheel scooters. The most striking difference was that his tires The most obvious difference between them is the three-wheel scooter more than a tires, the stability of the scooter in the previous car increased a lot. Manufacturers use this design is also thought of a lot of their own bad balance, but the people who like the scooter it Have to say that such a means of transport so that many people feel his use and convenience. Whether it is to work or travel or are shopping, step on his trip that is a bar, no problem!

Before his development is not only in the country in many countries abroad, have begun to appear balance scooters and self-balancing electric car appeared, foreigners on the scooter's favorite beyond the people's favorite. The key to this car easy to carry, conducive to parking, life than the electric car far, and the speed can reach 35km, many people buy it in fact there is an important reason: that is, it can drive without a license, do not need any documents and pay any fees , Perhaps because of this, many people have a lot of fun for it.

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