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With the economic development and improvement of living conditions, a variety of new technologies are constantly appearing in people's attention, resulting in people's choices have also undergone tremendous changes, had only a single product selection, but now a wide variety , The price is also frequent, the impact of the consumer market. But in the balance car market today, he is constantly flowing into people's lives, from the traffic jam in the city stand out, unique, dream of science and technology from the initial simple production into a large balance of the production of processors, Of the more than 80 countries at home and abroad to provide a balance of car demand, but also for the balance of the car players to provide a better use of tools.

But the joy of time, there is a problem plagued the players, that is, if the balance of the balance of how to do? The problem for now, there is no special repair balance car, bad, can only consult manufacturers repair is to give up maintenance. But if you do not want to give up maintenance. But return to the factory maintenance costs are high, distance, then you pay attention to see if your car encountered the following asked:

Can not you open the machine?

   First can not open the machine, you first confirm whether the car is no electricity this situation, if there is no problem; that is inside the amount of power switch line problems, here to provide a reference video for your reference: http: //

Open the machine there is a situation is the car battery problem, and this under the intelligent consulting manufacturers to replace or return to the factory maintenance test before the normal use.

2. The appearance of the car damage, such as anti-skid pedal, shell, tires, etc., these problems, then the pedal and shell damage, then generally not a big problem, in addition to this problem in addition to severe impact, there is the sound of the car Problem, to be resolved only can only buy back to their own replacement; but if there is a problem with the tire, you need to take the time to study and understand more information on the balance of the vehicle to solve it? But the probability of such a general occurrence is very small, the balance of the tire is generally a vacuum tire and solid tires, the two tires will not be easy to solve the problem, because the tire manufacturing process is to strictly control the production, so the tire You can ignore the problem.

3. motherboard problems?

   Motherboard if the problem, and that car is not open or run is not normal, which need to understand the motherboard technology to help people, as long as you have this side of the talent, then your problem will be very convenient to solve. You can also refer to the video to understand: http: // & id = 35

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