How to distinguish scooters and balance cars

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Those who have played a balance car basically have a certain understanding of the scooter and understanding, of course, scooters and balance cars or a little difference, the first is their classification: scooters have a lot of classification, if said: four Scooters, two-wheeled scooters, two-wheeled belt folding cars, and so on, while the balance car is generally a two-wheeled self-balancing system with a balanced car, the other with the bar of the balance car is generally very small The second point, their motor and material and driving the way are not the same, the balance of the car mainly by the body of the balance of the car there is a car from the balance of the car The system to control, mainly rely on the body to perform his forward, back and brake and other functions to achieve; and scooters, four-wheel skateboard, then his balance is very good, and grip is also very good, A tool for amateur, the scooter movement abroad has been incorporated into the formal industry, there will be competition at the stipulated time, it is also one of the biggest sources of pleasure for the ultimate challenger. With his fun is infinite.


In many parts of the country are also gradually began to have a self-balancing electric scooter this movement, but not optimistic, but the private people play their own fun tool source. There are a lot of good shopping, etc., of course, people see is not his appearance, but his practicality and convenience, in the metropolis, the number of cars completely out of the The city can withstand the scope of the day only facing traffic jams, but as a strong sense of time for you, you are willing to put your day a third of the time wasted in the traffic jam on the road, or will better use and cherish it The

As a car, the beginning may not mind, but if a long time, you still insist it? That may be your own piece of their own only, life --- attitude is very important, how wide the road How long, for many people this may be nonsense, not worth mentioning, but if you really understand after you will understand the meaning of life.


As a balance car and scooter, different people may have their own different views, but never change them, for more fun and better travel, harvest more fun and happy things, words, as long as their favorite The balance car or scooter, to meet their own on the line. Life travel, energy saving, better tomorrow!

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