Ten reasons to choose a dreamer scooter

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Many people do not understand why to choose electric scooter, electric scooter What are the advantages? He and life in the electric car What is the difference? All kinds of questions so that you can not choose, you can look at the next ten reasons:

1. First, the electric pedal in the case of folding can take the subway, carry a trip, which is allowed by the traffic

2. Scooter's mileage can produce electric car mileage, usually at 40km, and charging fast, electric car

3. The energy source of the scooter is a lithium battery pack, the weight is much lighter than the weight of the electric car, the electric car uses the acid large battery group, the heavy, the general strength is very difficult to move

4. Scooter parking convenience, no place, electric car parking is not convenient, and easy to be stolen

5. Scooter has a warranty and his assembly and maintenance are very convenient, in the trip he can carry two people traveling together, completely worry-free

6. In the increasingly popular electric car today, electric cars in some cities are restricted by traffic police traffic, in the face of traffic so crowded today, scooters in office workers also occupies a high status

7. Scooter, also known as electric scooter, he and life in the electric car in the driving mode of the great changes occurred in the electric car is wheel-driven, without any technology; and scooter with a bar, the main The driver is the button on the handrail to operate, and sometimes on the driving need to help the body to drive, in essence, he exercised people's health and exercise the balance of the body itself is a great help, this is the electric car can not give In people's

8. In terms of price, the starting price of the scooter is active, and people can choose different price and material scooters according to their own economy, but only in size, but it can meet your travel needs

9. Many types of scooters can be provided to the consumer more choices, consumers can choose according to their own place for their own car, but the type of electric car which only

10 .. In the convenience of innovation, scooters gradually improved and international standards, in every country can access the vehicle, and no driver's license, everyone can drive, which brings a lot of people a lot of convenience

To see if these are some understanding, but his fun is not only to provide you with work, daily travel, etc., he can also take you through a short off-road trip, let you experience his travel fun, add to life Sort of color, you can also focus on the website: http: //www.sz-manke.com/case/img.php? Lang = cn & class1 = 30 View the wonderful video, learn more!

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