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A convenient means of transportation, the appearance of the atmosphere -- the wheelbarrow, maybe you once seen on TV or a wheelbarrow in advertising, you do not feel the reality will have a lot of ideas:

1. the wheelbarrow is how to start the brakes?

The wheelbarrow is a rely on the body to control the body balance system as the body. Simply rely on the body's own wheelbarrow is self balancing system and the behavior of people to start and stop running. For example, when you stand in the wheelbarrow to move forward, and that as long as you lean forward, the system will produce a forward movement of the trend, this is the car will move forward; if you want to stop, and that as long as you keep the body balance, car spontaneous combustion will slow down, to achieve the purpose of braking; similarly, reversing the same body. After dumping the car will reach by car reversing self balancing system to identify. This will be easier to control the wheelbarrow and convenient operation.

2. is that thing safe?

Wheelbarrow with speed limit function, reach a certain speed he will alarm you. For starters, you should first understand his performance parameters and routine maintenance and pre trip inspection preparation to minimize unnecessary trouble while driving. If you play it for the first time, first find an empty block or a small place, his first stand up experience, gradually familiar with, you will think it is a good helper of daily life travel, security is absolutely no problem. The results of the survey concerned said: wheelbarrow and two scooters and all the balance of the car safety coefficient of the traffic and daily travel convenience to reach 9.6 points, the data to solve a lot of people worry about security issues, understand and believe you have seen a very clear answer: is absolutely safe.

3. how far can you run? Is there any safety measure?

The wheelbarrow can generally run 15 to 30 kilometers, do not know whether you are satisfied with this trip, but you can also visit the official website: sz-manke.com choose the off-road vehicle mileage balance further. For different products with his safety is not the same, this is according to the people's interests and the car to show familiarity, quality and safety than brand choice, believe your alignment, choose the dream guest you will not regret it.

4. how is his price?

For the single wheel electric vehicle, there are many quotations on the market now, and there are many kinds of products. For the first time to see this information you will undoubtedly have some worries, I do not know which to choose, and the quality and safety of the product can not be confirmed. Then you can visit the official website to see the dream off the company's understanding of the product and a lot of information coefficient wheelbarrow. If the price for this to be made according to your needs, but the store prices are generally at 700 - 1500, lower than the minimum price that do not buy, if you don't know much about it; and the factory wholesale price is according to the number of pricing, the price is more and more this is a common discount, manufacturers pricing, but one thing is different "dream off balance car wholesale price as long as the number of more than 50 of the price will be lower than other manufacturers, and the quality and service is a VIP service type, the price will be based on the needs of customers to do adjustment. Flexible, high quality and inexpensive, the dream has always been to the quality of customer products and services for the purpose".

Comprehensive market products and price, I believe many people will choose the reliable quality, price inexpensive, and service in place of the company as their innovative business partners on the growth and dream off together, make the market leader, open up a vast market.

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