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What are the main difficulties encountered in the survival of the sea?

The first is drowning, drowning, the second is easy to rage, halo wave, lack of fresh water and food, because there are no self-help life-saving equipment on the body, do not understand the life-saving equipment location and lack of specific contact, which makes many people encounter danger.

What are the important meanings of dealing with the interpersonal relationship between the crew members?

Interpersonal communication is the need of the spiritual life of the people, maintain good relationships between crew and sea sports, is conducive to the formation of the crew of group awareness, the formation of pull together in times of trouble and overcome the difficulties of consensus, to ensure water safety; good interpersonal relationship, help reduce the crew and water consumption to the health of the athletes. A harmonious atmosphere is formed inside the ship; good interpersonal relationship is conducive to the crew to complete complex tasks and form a perfect personality, is conducive to the crew to learn from each other, cooperate with each other in life and equipment selection are different, bold ideas.

The main life-saving equipment of a passenger ship

Life jacket: the quantity is in accordance with the number of passengers, to ensure that one per person. At the same time, there is a sufficient number of life jackets on duty, and 5% of the total number of passengers on deck are equipped with a life jacket. And an additional 10% passengers are equipped with children's life jackets.

Thermal insulation clothes: according to the number of 3 sets per boat in the lifeboat.

Life buoy: according to the structure of the ship and the captain, the two sides of the ship, with the corresponding number of life buoy. At the same time, half of the buoys are equipped with self lighted floating lights, and at least two buoys are equipped with smoke signals.

Lifeboat: international route passenger ship, according to 75% of the total number of lifeboats with. Life raft: determine the number of rafts depending on the number of passengers.

Life buoy: a passenger ship of class B, with a total of 3% passengers.

How do you feel after reading the above life-saving equipment? Do you think the equipment is very inconvenient to carry, and many life-saving appliances are not brought with you, such as lifeboats, buoys and so on. The following to introduce a shape like a watch with a compass on water rescue equipment, [life] bracelet, he not only has the advantages of small volume, convenient carrying, safe and reliable, he has strong buoyancy index, more than 125kg under his buoyancy. This is every normal person can, of course, if you are overweight, then I suggest you go swimming, weight will drag you down, and in water security is difficult to guarantee, but you can take more than two of the life safety of the bracelet, you can also can be solved. To enjoy the fun of playing in the sea.

As sea sports enthusiasts, water safety should be put in the first place, in the event of an emergency, emergency rescue equipment is necessary, but some people do not carry life-saving equipment, because of their large size, inconvenient carrying. And in the water difficulties, not timely life-saving, will have terror, pessimism, despair, self abandonment, hallucinations, etc., abnormal behavior response. At this time, if you have a life bracelet, you can get away, but does not affect the fun of marine sports, I believe you will unconditionally choose life bracelet, safe and reliable, convenient and practical. Learn more about the website: sz-manke.com

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