That's better for lithium batteries and lead acid batteries

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Many consumers in the purchase of electric balance vehicles, I do not know what kind of batteries installed balance car, and some say that lead-acid batteries are good, and some say that lithium batteries are good, then what are their advantages in the difference?

First of all, the lithium ion mainly depends on the lithium ion to move between the anode and the cathode. During charging and discharging, the lithium ion moves through the electrolyte to the negative electrode. As the carbon cathode layered structure, it has many pores, lithium ion cathode to embedded pores in the carbon layer, the lithium ion embedded more, the higher the charge capacity; similarly, when the battery discharge (which we use the battery), lithium ions in the negative pole of prolapse the carbon layer, and back to the cathode movement. The more lithium ion goes back to the positive electrode, the higher the discharge capacity. We usually say the battery capacity refers to the discharge capacity, it is not difficult to see that in the charge discharge process of lithium ion battery, lithium ion in cathode, anode, from the state of motion of the cathode, this principle is simple for lithium batteries. Compared to lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium battery has the advantages of light weight, high capacity, long cycle life and so on, as the balance of electric vehicle power source core, not only convenient charging, easy to carry, but also meet the lightweight design simplicity, the fusion of modern and classical design elements.

The electrode of lead acid battery mainly consists of lead and its oxide, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. The lead-acid battery in charging state, the two main components of the main cathode lead oxide cathode lead; discharge status, positive and negative pole are main components of lead sulfate process and discharge them through chemical reactions.

All two batteries belong to the energy storage device, and the rest are different. If it is convenient for safety, lead-acid batteries safer, cheaper, but lower energy density than battery, so the lead-acid battery volume it is large and bulky, inconvenient to carry, which is one reason why all the balance of the car manufacturers do not choose the lead-acid battery as the driving force of the core of the car.

In terms of current lithium balance car "penetration rate, far less than the product of lead-acid battery", the reason is the relatively high cost of lithium batteries. Therefore, the existing "lithium car" products in the design, the reducing capacity of lithium battery configuration, corresponding to lower the vehicle cost, which makes the existing "lithium car product is too single, lightweight models. At present, the largest number of lithium tram in the market is "motorcycle", but his trip is very short, so the selection of people is relatively small. But in the case of two wheeled electric balance vehicles, the two wheel electric balance vehicle has a long endurance, and it is also a suitable means of transportation. Dream balance car, hoping to allow more consumers to recognize the lead-acid battery and lithium battery analysis, I believe you will have a clearer understanding of the car when you choose it.

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