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On the world, at the top of the production chain of countries or companies are all with the high-end technology and advantages of the operation idea, such as the apple, the German Mercedes Benz, GM, SIEMENS, SONY, TOYOTA and other japanese. These world-renowned elite enterprises, are first mastered advanced production technology, and constantly explore, update, and finally become the industry's outstanding enterprises.

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, it is necessary for China made to get rid of the current situation of cheap production, and must break through the difficulties in science and technology, instead of merely meeting the workshop assembly line and simply filling in production.

It has become one of the problems faced by modern enterprises to promote the refinement of production technology and enhance the added value of products.

To "simple rough processing + labor output" industry model, no longer adapt to china. In fact, such an industry model is the cheapest, but most factories and workers in China are now at a stage of cheap manufacturing. Want to change the status quo, to high-end production chain, we must start from two aspects:

First, with leading the era of project technology, the use of modern science and technology strength of the implementation of high-end production technology (such as producing the automobile engine, first-class manufacturing first-class energy-saving environmental protection vehicle -- the balance of the car.)

The second is not dominant in the modern science and technology level conditions, can through a variety of means to take a variety of measures, such as: consider fine production, increase the work materials, the production process of the investment, also can increase the added value of the products. To improve his popularity and aspects of the high system certification, improvement in all aspects, so that consumers recognized on the market now, only the consumer acceptance of products and brands is really heart products; the product level is the desire for material play.

Here's an example: two balanced cars with high quality and safety coefficients. Their prices vary widely. On the one hand, the reasons for the brand and the price; on the other hand, that's the service problem. Relevant personage says: all products, quality and other aspects are no problem, and many people have chosen a good service, and the brand is not very noisy. As the 80% personnel of Brand Company have such an idea: the small amount of your order is generally not considered, but if you do the price is also surprise you; if not for you, there are other people to do; just look down on a small number of you. Say so much, compared to you also know Swiss watches sell expensive, and domestic price but not go, the same truth, the same value orientation view.

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