The wheelbarrow power measures Raiders

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Protection is generally low voltage, over-current:

For example, a person with the highest possible gravity of 100kg, actually added to the 95kg, may be protected by it. In fact, 95kg and 100kg almost, if not protected, is likely to continue to add to the 100kg, so people will have problems.

Similarly, the wheelbarrow also need to protect in low voltage and overcurrent, or too many elements as well as the load, damage will be off.

Low voltage protection means that the main battery is running out of power, and another independent battery protection panel generates a power failure. However, in most without protection wheelbarrow batteries, he gives a warning, so let the staff ride for planking. However, if the battery is low enough to ride, the battery voltage may suddenly drop and trigger protection.

A super current protection is off, the superfluid generally occurs in the fierce when starting or hard braking, if not, will damage the power device or motor, and the device will also damage the power-off protection, in fact I think the wheelbarrow design some super power protection function, and this situation generally occurs only when the slope is relatively steep, caused by high power protection.

However, there is also a "soft patch" is not all soft, and supporting force is large, but the pedal angle slopes down this phenomenon for a lot of cheap cars are common, hand on the railing, and before and after the step two, you will feel the soft pedal down, but also can be restored. Curious people will ask, speeding will power? Speeding just make balance torque is reduced, so that if the front if there is a small gully, you may be speeding and wrestling, this time also may be power-off protection.

But no matter how the end result, providing customers with better riding and safe transportation is the lofty mission of dream guests.

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