The era of scientific and Technological Innovation -- balancing cars and developing green transportation

2017-09-28 14:21:13 manke 360

With the continuous development of science and technology innovation society, transportation has changed, increasing by bike such as BMW, now is the natural environmental protection and Xingzhi, but few bicycles, bicycle also became synonymous, appeared as one of the few vehicles. But the technological innovation makes the market gradually came to a kind of electric vehicle, it is a kind of green transportation, it is divided into an electric wheelbarrow and two wheeled scooter, designdiverse, portable, free, not bound traffic and environmental pressure. It's a selection of cars that you don't regret.

Riding a unicycle from their own from the north gate of every car on the electric unicycle is inserted with green flags, the flags are all made of paper, although some do not see, but he is really hard to do out the results. In order to investigate the visitors' views and ideas about environmental protection, we also made a questionnaire on environmental protection propaganda, hoping that through investigation, environmental protection will be more popular among the people. The statistical summary of the questionnaire, the result is that most are now living environment in general, and that the green propaganda is insufficient, and there is a need to Recyclable waste collected for recycling in order to reduce the burden of home environment.

Dream guest _ folding scooter

Green environmental protection publicity activities not only make people understand and learn the environmental protection knowledge, but also let more people participate in the activities to protect the green environment. We not only communicate feelings, but also understand that a person's strength is limited, only the collective will unite to do things better, as long as I do something everyone on earth will be better environmental protection.

Life is like in every little bit accumulation and loss in the selection, choose the way of life also chose the height and direction of life; it's the courage to create, who dare to try, the opportunity will always exist, the opportunity is a choice and preparation of the choice of the reverse link, and will occupy the courage to correct first, the biggest failure is the end of your vision of well balanced car market.

As of 2017 the balance of the car around the dream guest exhibition, overseas market share as high as 40%, the trust degree of quality system quality system certification score 95, score up to 91%, consumer acceptance rate of 94% (foreign and domestic) up to 86% (domestic). A comprehensive analysis of our products: 1. industries with the same product look the same, in terms of price, our price lower than others, and the price flexibility can be controlled; the other price limited to flat plate face, entangled in the price, the average price of more than 20 higher than our range; other advantages are more obvious opinion, if you want to understand the content and video search: "dream off the balance of the car" you will learn more about the balance of the car more comprehensive and relevant knowledge.

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