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With the deepening of the industrialization process, for hundreds of years. A large number of greenhouse gas emissions, leading to global warming, climate change. A study published by the American media pointed out that the earth have a fever to human health caused great fear and panic crisis, human response to climate change in the future will be further deepened, low-carbon life "concept is gradually accepted by all countries. On the other hand, the development of economy, the improvement of people's living standard and the quality of population make the low-carbon life become a modern way of life. In this regard, Ren Guanping, Secretary General of the China Society of Environmental Sciences, said: "energy conservation is the biggest carbon reduction", and stressed that carbon reduction is everyone's responsibility. We should cut in from this point and practice energy saving and carbon reduction.

A variety of ways and convenient traffic, for example: using energy balance of electric cars, two wheeled electric scooter or electric wheelbarrow effectively less the traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions, a pioneer model, leading others to practice in life instead of disposable plastic bags or sewage after processing flow do not sigh before things, things do not bow before. Study on "low carbon life" concept, the concept of "low carbon life is to recover the original simplicity by man and nature to carry out the activities", and put forward mainly from electricity, transportation and recycling in three directions to change the details of life, the "low-carbon life" concept of human "rainy day" the precautionary principle. And the ideal of human psychology and as the pursuit of the perfect fit for people living environment, strict self-discipline the theme of low-carbon life.

For thousands of years, the Chinese nation has made contribution to society as a traditional virtue. Not only is the country, the world and the nation. Whether as a student or a social worker or social groups, should develop national tradition, from its start, the establishment of low-carbon lifestyle, from every little bit, let the earth continue in the love and care of health. To create a low carbon life, passenger car brand dream balance time and environmental protection is the dream guests always adhere to the production of electric wheelbarrow, the balance of the car and scooter, advocating environmental protection, easy to carry and meet the balance of the car consumption, the main products are: Electric wheelbarrow, two wheel electric vehicles, water sports safety self-help products [life bracelet, folding scooter and thinking the balance of the car and many other fast and convenient transportation, convenient and no pollution, with its broad prospects, worthy of attention.

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