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Balancing vehicles [for cars], for many people, is a new term, for it is strange, the following will give you a brief introduction of the balance of the origin of the car, I hope you will help:

The Segway was originally imported from abroad, and also called "somatosensory vehicle", "thinking car", "balance vehicle", "Mars Rover" and so on. It is a personal transportation tool with electric drive and self balancing ability. It is a convenient and convenient means of transportation in city life. Taken a car by American inventor Dean Carmen (Dean Kamen) and his DEKA (DEKA Research and Development R Corp.) team invention, and created a camera (Segway LLC.), car Limited Liability Company, later renamed Segway Inc (Segway.INC). Since December 2001, the camera commercial, mass production sales. Jobs has been hailed as a "cross - era" of scientific and technological inventions, the development of broad prospects. In addition to personal use, the balance car is also used in airports, convention and exhibition centers, high-end communities and sports venues. The top speed of the camera is 40km/h.

Balancing car

The product name "Segway" originated from the English word "Segue", which means "flowing smoothly and smoothly", which is used to allow people to ride without obstacles in the city. Its operation is driven by lithium batteries and charging, and use the "dynamic balance principle" of physics to control its direction and steering through the computer chip. As the body moves, the center of gravity in the action changes and balances, forward, backward, turn, and brakes, all controlled by the body.

Since the van is a new type of vehicle that has never been seen before, it is difficult to define its species in traditional classifications. Some people think that [Photo] balance car car is a wheeled version of the vehicle (Unicycle), some people think that it should be powered scooter (Stand-upScooter) one, but it is the design of two wheeled scooter, traditional and biaxial wheel are different.

In the national green environmental protection laws and regulations, the balance of the car as a clean, environmentally friendly, convenient double role, traffic congestion situation, it can easily help you solve, make your life more convenient. Balance car commonly known as: "walking electric walking car", it is clean, environmental protection affixed to an environmentally friendly and convenient label. Add color to life, let the traffic tools in today's life highlights the environment optimization, quality of life, production technology, service culture and innovation today show good quantitative days of the original life, we should work together to build a green home, let tomorrow's sky bluer and more brilliant.

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