The electric car balance strategy overview

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Electric car "word", I believe everyone is not strange, but the electric self balancing vehicles and how is it going on? This will tell you, the balance of electric cars are divided into electric wheelbarrow and electric two wheelers, and they are based on performance and their configuration is divided into charging, with Bluetooth, with the marquee, cross-country and so on, variety, the dream guest manke latest production of a cross-country type show

10 inches above the cross section of the balance of the car, regardless of his performance and appearance can be said to be a cool, but his mileage far enough, outing, park, city run around and be nothing difficult, it uses the natural rubber tire, erose design, increasing the line anti foot slip pedal and sexy; the metal charging interface, it has LED headlights, the more prominent is the impact force this effect is very good, it is. I think it's important not only to choose the quality and safety of the car, but also if it can withstand the impact. As a balance of the car if the material quality and safety is not guaranteed, then there will be no car of the soul, there is no kind of brisk rider feeling.

Balance car strategy

What are the advantages of a balanced car? Let's take a look at it. At this stage, the area of private cars and public cars in our country is gradually shrinking, especially during the holidays and when we go to work in the morning. It is the peak period of the vehicles. If you don't want to be poisoned on the road, don't get caught up in traffic jams and lose important meetings. In fact, just a simple cleaning electric wheelbarrow can solve your work time, the problem of traffic congestion.

The heat balance of the car in the popular China has fully erupted on the street, there are a variety of places, the open places will have his shadow, all gathered together show master operation PK, the picture is too shocked, but Xiaobian I found these people are using the same dream guest the balance of electric cars, it seems this equipment is only suitable for novice master, we don't go to join in the fun.

When it comes to the operation that I also share my mind, if you are a novice to play like God like that, from the basis of practicing, become God that is only a matter of time, as long as you love the balance of electric car, interested in him, it won't be long before you have natural technology by leaps and bounds, interest only to learn the premise, the key is to know one of the doorways and details, this is good for you to know more, then you will learn more quickly!

In general learn to balance the car, not difficult, as long as you know it is redoubled, played the balance of the car all know that he is mainly rely on the body to be manipulated, we can transform different posture, make difficult moves different, achieve the unity of people and vehicles, and the brakes have an easy control in the matter. With some tips, turn, speed reduction zone, if you do your absolute back rate is very high, if we have some big radian, such as a left turn, bend your knees and so on difficult moves, can do this step, we can say he is the car balance artifact will assist you up if you feel younger sister. Listen to my introduction buddy have a impulse to buy it quickly to your actions!

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