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Which brand is good for a balanced car? This is probably a lot of people want to ask, but the current balance of domestic car market, many big brands of high price, quality and various aspects of the comprehensive price cost is too high, which is difficult to meet the majority of consumers. So many small brands to the production of a number of poor quality but the balance of the car with low price to seize the market, leading to many consumers on the balance of the car and the concept of fuzzy cognition, gradually lose confidence in the balance of the car market, often have a wait-and-see attitude, dare not buy experience. But there is a brand you can buy "dream off the balance of the car" the brand, the brand let you see through, not only have the video can also offer factory entities to see goods, regardless of price, quality, safety and performance are let you satisfied with the product is not blowing out, the fact that.

As a player with 8 years' balance, I think I can share it with the balance car users. How can I simply judge the quality of a balanced car?

1. body shaking problem

Whether a balanced car is too sensitive, the car and the car often shake the body depends on its core controller. Therefore, the more stable, the more difficult to shake, and even no jitter of the balance of the vehicle, with the core controller, the better. This refers to the balance of the car dream guest commentary video, watching it.

2. body sway problem

When the speed of >12km/h, the body is still stable, no shaking of the balance of the car, controller and motor and body aluminum plate fit is very good, and this is to judge a balanced car is good or bad key factor.

3. batteries

The balance of the car is also a very important parts is the battery, many manufacturers to earn greater profits, choose the battery will covet cheap, one charge, the battery quality is difficult to guarantee, there is great potential safety. Of course, the average consumer is difficult to judge today, give you a simple way, is to see the battery certification documents, general formal certification authority certificate issued by TUV and SGS detection mechanism, as long as have the certification authority of the battery, can be assured use, do not worry about what, because they have the warranty period, you can be assured of safety.

The above judgment reference for the majority of users only, recommend the following products and brands may be concerned about the balance of the car brand customers: dream; dream off the balance of the car 8.5 Inch models, competitive price, excellent quality, and the car's performance had many foreign consumers, is a good choice

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