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The most attractive thing about a balance car is its unique driving experience. For many people, the process of touching a balanced car is about the same

Early experience - car difficult, afraid of wrestling, the body particularly tense, stiff, hear forward will live in the neck and head forward, but this time the balance of the car or hard to move up or move too sensitive, make people more nervous. But basically 3-5 minutes can start up, know the basic start stop

Re experience - re experience, generally from the beginning of the experience, the time is particularly short, and then get off pondering over, try to get on the car. Hey, it's different

After two experience, usually familiar, the experience is very wonderful, slowly can not help but want to try several times.

Recently saw a number of brands of balanced vehicles have been launched, can not help but make a contrast.

1 balance

This is the most basic performance of a balanced vehicle, using a balance system to eliminate inertia to achieve its unique driving experience. So balance performance is the most basic target, but also gives the deepest image left.

As also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. When you really compare, you will find that although the shape is similar, but the performance is worse than a thousand li. So choose a product and get fieldwork, believing what you see. Dream off the balance of the car at home and abroad engaged in production and wholesale company, its are welcome to production workshop and product to visit or call the hotline: 0755-23005256 or to the company's official website website:, WeChat or add a public number: manke

Of course, as the product of the balanced car has just started to popularize, people know little about it, but I believe you will like the convenient and fast car if you know him. Now, for most consumers, there is no way to feel the benefits and disadvantages of the balanced performance from the initial experience. Here is a simple identification method:

First: transfer the product to automatic mode or power mode, start near the balance point, at this time the balance car will enter the automatic equilibrium state. Observe whether the balance car can remain stationary in the automatic balancing mode. If the balance car can't stand still and move forwards or backwards, it shows that the balance is not good. If you can keep still, look at the following test.

Second: manned mode, on the balance of the car, try to stay where it is (requires proficient operation) feel balanced pedal if there is rocking back and forth. The ankle is very sensitive, if the balance is not good, you can clearly feel the balance of the adjustment before and after the position. A good balance system is more sensitive than human perception, this talent will be the most comfortable, when the sensitivity of a balanced system is lower than that of human perception, balance the car use is the ankle will be more tired, reduced security.

The third: manned mode, uphill or downhill, if you can easily stop and move, and the balance of the car does not make any abnormal sound, you can continue the following test. Of course, this method also requires more skilled people to try, it is recommended novices do not easily try.

2 ease of use

The utility model has the advantages of convenient portability, suitability for traveling, parks, colleges and offices, etc. the utility model has the advantages of convenient carrying and economic benefits; the utility model has the advantages of wide range of uses and wide use of the two wheeled electric vehicles. In addition, you can learn more details by balancing the car video commentary .Understand the same product, you can not only need to understand his performance, but also have to suit themselves, to meet their own needs, and easy to carry.

3 security

A friend told me, he said he bought a balance of the car, then buy it back, his 4 year old nephew to play, learn quickly, but always alarm weight, hit the customer service phone to ask why. The manufacturer's answer surprised: the factory default weight is lower than the children under the age of 6, security awareness is too weak, when the car detects child weight, will automatically correct the parameters of the product, the sensitivity becomes low, enhanced security, to ensure safety.

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