Albuquerque just gave companies the green light to bring electric scooters to the city

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The city of Albuquerque is now accepting permit applications for companies interested in bringing sharing electric scooter business to the Duke City.

City Councilor Pat Davis says there's a market in Albuquerque for them.

"Especially when you have a university and a busy Central Avenue business area, this just makes sense," Davis said.

The city expects to roll-out the permits on March 22.

For months, the city has been working on permitting regulations to ensure sharing electric scooters get you on your way, not in your way.

Sharing electric scooter companies such as Lime, Bird and Lyft have been offering scooters rentals that are app-operated in other cities in Texas and California.

The Sharing electric scooters are not docked at a fixed location. Instead, riders use the app to track down the nearest one around town to rent one. They could be anywhere.

Davis said Albuquerque was mindful of the potential for an overcrowding of unused scooters -- something the city of Austin, Texas has been dealing with. As many as 15,000 scooters were licensed in Austin in January.

"We saw cities that didn't have rules for this, had big problems," Davis said.

To avoid the same scenario, Albuquerque is laying down some rules, requiring companies to pay a fee for every sharing electric scooter on the road.

Davis said this gives companies the incentive to only put out as many as needed and prevents unused scooters from overcrowding areas.

"That means for a company, if it's not making money, they're going to take it off the road because they don't want to pay the city of Albuquerque for something that lays there that doesn't make money for them," Davis said.

All traffic laws will apply for sharing electric scooter riders, according to Davis. They will be treated like bicyclists. Riders younger than 18, for example, must wear a helmet.

The sharing electric scooter company must also, within 24 hours, remove any scooters that are parked in a way that blocks sidewalks, bike share stations, driveways, accessible ramps, bus stops or handicapped parking.

Companies must also have a local point-of-contact who can respond to requests or emergencies at any time.

Companies, including Lime, which is interested in bringing sharing electric scooters to Albuquerque, are in talks with the city over the permitting requirements.

"While we are grateful to the city of Albuquerque for putting a permitting process together, we are concerned with certain requirements which may prevent us from being able to operate. We hope to be able to work through these concerns with the city so we can bring a new affordable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly form of transportation to Albuquerque as soon as possible,” a Lime spokesperson said.


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