Lyft zips into San Antonio with brand-new electric scooter service

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San Antonio's dockless bike fleet is growing even bigger. The popular ride-hailing service Lyft announced it is zipping into San Antonio with its new sharing electric scooters.

The company is formally kicking off its new service on February 20 in downtown San Antonio at 111 Jefferson. There, the public can test ride sharing electric scooters, learn more about the city's dockless sharing electric scooter pilot program, and meet with Lyft reps, including Caroline Samponaro, head of Lyft Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Policy.

"Lyft’s bike and scooter efforts are guided by transportation equity, safer streets, integration with transit, and environmental sustainability," the company said in a release.

Joining the launch will be local reps like Councilman Roberto C. Treviño and Janel Sterbentz, executive director of Bike San Antonio. Lyft says working with cities to increase mobility options is among the company's priorities.

Dockless sharing electric scooters are a relatively new lane for Lyft, which, of course, is most famous as a ride-hailing service. As the company rolls out the new bikes, San Antonio is one of the first cities in the country — and only the second in Texas — to get the service. It joins Uber and Bird among the companies offering sharing electric scooters in Alamo City.

Lyft's news come as both the city and suburbs are learning how to navigate this new trend. City leaders for both San Antonio and Olmos Park have rolled out new regulations in recent months, an attempt to bridge the gap between innovation and safety.

To use the new Lyft bikes, download the app and reserve a bike or scan the QR code on a nearby sharing electric scooter to see if its available. As always, riders are expected to exercise safety and obey the rules of the road. 


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