How to balance the car - balancing the market prospects of the car

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Here's how to balance the car

The balance vehicle operates similar to the body's own balance system. The energy source of the balanced vehicle is a lithium battery pack or a Samsung battery pack. The single charge can guarantee 15-60km mileage, and the speed is as high as 20km/h. When riding, point the direction of the lever to the direction that needs to be advanced, and the car body will follow the direction of the joystick. When the steering lever is in the middle of the car body, the system will travel straight ahead. When the steering lever is turned, the system will control the speed difference between the left and right sides, and the steering will be shifted, so that the body will follow the direction of the tilt of the joystick, and a better coordinated steering experience will be achieved. Science and technology mature technology of vertical balance steering, to subvert the traditional control mode, more in line with the body's operating habits, to meet the city life of workers in a large extent, to avoid the traffic jam or due to time invariant bring traffic congestion for you, these can be solved, green traffic tools, the balance of the car and colleagues the advocacy of good prospects, the market widely.

Market analysis of balance car

For example: a group of students in the county, including middle and high schools, universities, schools and other occupation one hundred thousand will be able to remember, there are workers; if a county has 80 thousand students, office workers: 400 thousand people in this town, with the purchasing power of 300 thousand people, according to the proportion of 1/10 is 30 thousand who is your target customers, the remaining 20% is your potential customers, so that your market you are not satisfied? Electric wheelbarrow balance car - to solve the congestion, save time again do not have to worry about parking traffic; rapid development of today's society, traffic congestion has become a fashionable phenomenon of electric unicycle finally, let you enjoy the shuttle in the city relaxed and happy. The wheelbarrow instead of bicycles and electric vehicles as the development of transportation is the fashion trend.

The balance of the car as a single characteristics now raised in vehicle transportation, his development is to follow the trend and the trend of technological development, in the "green" theme has a label off balance -- dream car

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