Three companies, including Uber, taken steps to launch shared electric scooters in Nashville

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Uber, a well-known ride-sharing company, recently received approval from the Nashville city government to operate Jump's 500 shared electric scooters and 500 shared electric bikes in Nashville.

On Wednesday, a representative of the company obtained an operating license from the city from the Transportation Licensing Commission, which oversees shared electric scooters.

Its longtime rival Lyft recently joined Lime and Bird as the third company to bring shared electric scooters to this Music City. Uber comes after Lyft began operating in Nashville, trying to get a piece of the action there as well.


Nashville's shared electric scooters are popular with tourists and commuters, but are also derided by others as public order jammers.

Nashville doesn't limit the number of companies that operate shared electric scooters, but limits the number of operating scooter of each company to 1,000pcs. However, a recently filed law would limit the number of shared electric scooter companies in Nashville to four.

A spokesman for Uber did not say when the company would begin operations in Nashville, but confirmed that it does have plans.

"we are excited to bring reliable, convenient and economical Jump shared electric bikes and shared electric scooters to Nashville," a Uber spokesperson said. "Users tell us they like the variety of transportation options available in one app to meet their needs. Soon, Nashville residents and visitors will have more transportation options via Uber.”

Jump, which was launched as a shared bike program in 2017 and began operating its shared electric scooters in the fall of 2018, has shared electric scooter in more than a dozen cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas and San Diego. But it's not the only shared electric scooter company aiming to Nashville.


Billy fields, director of the transportation Licensing Commission, said Nashville received an application Wednesday from Spin, another shared electric scooter company located in SAN Francisco, for 500 shared electric scooters to be dropped in Nashville.

In addition, Gotcha, located in Charleston, S.C., will be the sixth electric scooter sharing company to arrive in Nashville if they stick with expanding business.

Nashville city councilman Jeremy Elrod sponsored the ordinance, which limits the number of  shared electric scooters companies in Nashville. While the law comes out, Nashville struggles to stop parked scooters from interfering with the right of way on public roads such as sidewalks. In addition, the shared electric scooters has also brought safety risks, resulting in a number of traffic accidents.

Elrod said, he chose to target specified in the bill on the number of companies, rather than restrict the total amount of shared electric scooter, because he fears that if more companies with fewer scooter to run, so shared electric scooter company in Nashville market might have not enough profit ability, and then exit this market.


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