The Paris government seeking legislation to regulate the use of shared electric scooters

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According to the European Union news agency, in 2018, shared electric scooters have become an increasingly popular way of transportation in Paris, with residents and tourists using them on the streets of the city. However, electric scooters with a speed of 24 kilometers per hour, freely shuttling on sidewalks or competing with motor vehicles, have become the potential hidden dangers of traffic accidents.


According to the report, the shared electric scooters, which are widely distributed in the streets of Paris for people to rent freely, can be used by people at any time, and the operators are responsible for recycling them along the streets and recharging them every day. In 2018, Shared electric scooters have undoubtedly become the hottest and most convenient way of transportation for Volkswagen in Paris.

Kenneth schlenker, director of the French operations for Bird's shared electric scooters, said Bird was renting each scooter an average of six times a day and had more than 110,000 users since it began offering its service in Paris in August.

For about 4 euros for a 20-minute ride on an electric scooter in Paris, that's significantly more than the 1-2 euros for a 30-minute ride on a shared bike or the 1.9 euros for a one-way ride on the city's subway, but the city still has plenty of users.

On the streets of Paris, people often see the users of shared electric scooters, freely sliding on the sidewalk or the slow lane, whose speed is difficult for pedestrians to avoid.

In 2017, 286 people were injured in traffic accidents involving shared electric scooters in French cities, including five deaths. In early December, two riders on an shared electric scooter collided with a bus while traveling in Paris, leaving one with a broken bone and one with minor injuries.

In addition to occasional traffic accidents, shared electric scooters have certain risks. Pedestrians also begin to complain that shared electric scooters park everywhere in the street, which hinders the normal passage of the road.

In November 2018, French transport minister Elisabeth Boone said that in 2019, the government would propose a new draft revision of the traffic regulations to regulate the using of electric scooters and prohibit them from riding on sidewalks, as the current traffic laws in France do not have standards to define the behavior of using electric scooters.

In order to maintain traffic safety and ensure smooth of sidewalks, the Paris municipal government announced in November 2018 that it would reserve the right to impose fines of up to 135 euros for the use of electric scooters on sidewalks to obstruct pedestrians.

According to the report, the Paris city government is moving to punish shared electric scooters for parking randomly and obstructing traffic, and to plan parking areas for shared electric scooters.


At present, shared electric scooters in Paris are widely accepted and welcomed by consumers. Besides Lime and Bird shared electric scooters companies, Bolt and Wind have also begun to enter the Paris market. In the future, the market of shared electric scooters in Paris will be diversified and the competition will be more fierce.


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