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How do the single wheel electric cars brake? As a beginner, do not try to drive faster before you are familiar with driving. First select a site, such as: intelligent electric wheelbarrow for flat open, less field trials on the car, car by one step to understand and familiar with his function and characteristics; check the vehicle before the power is sufficient, such as: check whether the vehicle has abnormal noise and shake loose, see whether the wheel wheelbarrow and shell friction, so that timely treatment.

Preparation steps before cycling:

One: turn on the power

1 a hand to hold the handle, the electric wheelbarrow upright on the ground, and two foot plate.

2 hold the power button for 3-5 seconds to open the power switch of the electric wheelbarrow, when the beginning of green light, the vehicle belongs to the normal operation of the state, can drive.

3 if it is found that the red light, please check off the tyre and shell is the Buddha contact friction, look under the electricity is enough or normal, if no problem, then you should go to the local repair repair wheelbarrow, advise againstforced riding.

4 recommend the wheel forward and backward direction, pull the handle several times before and after, feel the strength of wheel acceleration and deceleration is normal, determine the normal ride again.

The second step: try to stand

1., according to personal habits, put one of your feet to the appropriate foot board, attention should be placed in the center of the foot board, it is convenient to transfer the weight of the whole body to the foot. 2. standing body, the feet on the pedal on the attention of electric unicycle and balance control, and close a soft leg. The 3 will focus gradually shifted to the foot of the electric wheelbarrow, leg, foot and triangular supporting requirements of electric unicycle process can form a stable, otherwise it will be difficult to shift to focus on electric unicycle. Not that foot center successfully transferred to electric unicycle on the other foot off the ground to keep 2 seconds before the next step is strongly recommended not to ride.

The third step: like riding a bike, the vast majority of the focus shifted to the electric wheelbarrow, and gently forward step on the foot pedal, and the foot on the ground gently back pedal, electric wheelbarrow will walk forward. As in the previous step to keep the single foot standing electric wheelbarrow movement is same, in the riding process need to try to maintain the body balance, and to the foot on the ground quickly and lightly into another on the pedal. This step requires at least 3-5 meters of distance to ride. Intermediate forward: go to this step, can the normal driving electric wheelbarrow, need to pay attention to two points this step: to maintain a certain speed, by leaning back to control the single wheel electric vehicle velocity. It is suggested that riding experience is insufficient, and you will accumulate experience and practice during riding. You can master a long distance after riding, and then proceed to the next step. This will help you to master and understand it.

The fourth step: turn to pay attention: beginners like to turn the upper body of the way to turn, but that kind of operation is often not very good results. It is suggested that you adjust the left and right slope of the car by adjusting the intensity of the pedaling of the left and right feet. As long as you continue to practice and become familiar with the turn, you will follow your inclinations and turn around as you wish. The premise is to use dream guest brand wheelbarrow, other wheelbarrow can not guarantee that we can have such an effect.

The above steps is simple to master the wheelbarrow method, but for safety reasons, I believe you already know or learn how to ride electric wheelbarrow. But it is also suggested that, on the basis of gradually understanding the performance of the vehicle, to gradually try to challenge fresh action. Dynamic electric unicycle is more than a limited extent will be unable to support the body electric wheelbarrow, lead off, so be careful driving, driving off balance -- dream car in the speed range, more exciting video search:

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