A brief discussion on the development status of shared electric scooter in 2018

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2018 can be said to be the first year of the development of Shared electric scooters. Lime, Bird, Spin, Jump, Skip and other shared electric scooter companies have mushroomed. They have been strongly supported by various capitals and their financing amount is over tens of millions of dollars. Such strong capital input have allowed these companies to grow in size, and in this period, there has something deserve to praise and something need to self-examination.

Something deserve to praise                                       

Shared electric scooter has incomparable advantages in personal short-distance transportation. Compared with sharing bicycle, it is more labor-saving, fast and light, and more economical and environmentally friendly than online car-hailing. This is in many ways the best personal vehicle for the "The last mile" of commuting and going out.

Just in this December, Google maps announced cooperating with Lime to offer the option of shared electric scooters in its navigation solutions. This cooperation is of great significance that shared electric scooter is combined further with the public transportation system, which can enrich people's choice for going out and enable them to arrange their plans more rationally and flexibly.


Something need to self-examination

With the rapid expansion of the market scale, shared electric scooter is also faced with the problem of vehicle overflow. Just like shared bicycle in China, its direct impact is to park in the street in violation of regulations, so as to block traffic and affect the appearance of the city. There are also vehicle hardware damage, so that users can not use. For solving this problem, relevant companies should pay more attention to the operation work, reasonably plan the parking point, and timely clean up and repair damaged vehicles.


In addition to the problem of overflow, there is also another problem of traffic safety. As the number of shared electric scooters users continues to grow, the number of related traffic accidents is also on the rise, including many deaths. In this regard, relevant companies could consider to offer safety helmet and other safety facilities; And consult with relevant transportation departments to implement traffic laws and regulations for using electric scooters to guide users to use them safely.

Something should be eradicated

Battery explosion also need to concern particularly in accidents of shared electric scooter in the 2018, which requires manufacturers to strict control of battery quality in the source of good supervision, strict quality inspection and testing. Operators of shared scooters also need to sharpen their eyes and sift through quality suppliers.

In 2018, shared electric scooter has developed on a huge scale, and this popularity will continue to 2019. At that time, no matter the government or the market, the requirements for shared electric scooter will be more and more stringent, which requires each major company to constantly improve their operation level, or it will be weeded out. It is expected that shared electric scooter will have better development in 2019 and bring more practical convenience for people.


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