How green can electric scooters be?

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The greenhouse effect is a hot topic in environmental protection in recent years. However, the largest proportion of greenhouse gas emissions is still People's Daily transportation, so the recently discussed electric scooter was once called the magic tool of energy saving and emission reduction, so how green can electric scooter be?

1. Carbon emission

According to a report by Lime, a shared electric scooters company, they can reduce carbon emissions by about 350 grams per mile. Let us make a rough estimate:

Assuming that an electric scooter run an average of 10 miles a day, this is equivalent to a 3,500g reduction in carbon emissions per scooter per day. A city with 10,000 electric scooters would reduce carbon emissions by 35 million grams that is 35 tons a day. If we can scale up to this in 500 cities, which is about the number of cities in the world with a population of more than 1 million, then we can reduce carbon emissions by 17,500 tons per day. Roughly the amount of carbon burned to charge the five million scooters is 370 tons, less than 2% of the carbon dioxide emitted by the same number of other vehicles. After deducting the carbon emissions required for charging, the net amount of reduction in carbon emissions is about 17,130 tons.

That's the equivalent of taking 105,000 cars off the world's roads every day.

2. Driving efficiency

According to a study by the US department of energy, most of the energy conversion in cars is now used to drive body weight of car. However, an ordinary electric scooter weighs only about 15kg and is equipped with a high-efficiency motor, so it has a great advantage in energy conversion.

That means a one-kilowatt-hour petrol-powered car only can run less than a mile, while the electric car Tesla model 3 can just run four miles at a kilowatt-hour, while the electric scooter can run about 80 miles, equivalent to 333 laps around a soccer field.(as shown in the picture below)


3. Production cost

In addition to energy efficiency, electric scooter production process is also very efficient. A typical gas-powered car weighs about 1.8 tons, and producing a car will emit about 7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The process of producing electric cars will emit about eight tons of carbon dioxide, slightly more than a petrol-powered car, but they emit very little carbon on the road, making them a greener alternative.

The electric scooter weighs only 12kg and much less carbon dioxide is emitted in process of producing. Although there are no exact figures, it can be confidently estimated that its production energy consumption is less than 1% of the car.


Admittedly, electric scooter is not suitable for some use occasions, such as snow, rain or need to carry things, but for short distance commuting or going out is indeed a great transportation ways. Therefore, in the near future, if the mode of going out becomes the combination of public transportation system and shared electric scooters, it will greatly reduce carbon emissions and protect the earth's environment.

Reference: Wired

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