The working principle and control of the balance car

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Working principle and structure features of double wheel balancing vehicle  

1., the structure features and composition of the same as other motor vehicles. Two wheeled self balancing system is the core of intelligent balance control system, which can be divided into two wheeled self balancing, inverted swing two subsystems, from the spatial distribution can be divided into linear and rotary three-dimensional structure, the working principle is similar to walking, in addition to self balance system, the whole carrier also includes mechanical body structure, motor system the sensor, measurement, power supply system is composed of five parts

1.1 working principle with gravity sensor, measuring body state sensor multiple sensor data will be according to the established procedures issued the corresponding signal, the signal after treatment, compared with the expected data, through the processor according to the system software to carry on the analysis, calculate the appropriate amount of adjustment, output and drive control, adjustment the wheel rotational speed and torque, in order to achieve the action, to reach their equilibrium state.

2. domestic and foreign research on two wheel balancing control system including the status of the robot control system and vehicle control system, in the early 80s, then two wheeled balancing robot control has been born, and then gradually to expand the field of vehicle. Different from the robot control, carrying out research on higher security requirements, because people have strong initiative, unpredictability and complexity, requirement of balance control system has stronger adaptability and development more difficult, but on the other hand, people with self regulating function, control easier. At present, there are many robot systems and carrier systems on both sides of the world. The former research and development, production and experimental cost are low, and there is no ethical constraints, and more research and development achievements.

research meaning

3. special transport due to the advantages of small occupation area, smooth and flexible, suitable for single and double walking, running the airport, shopping malls, stadiums and other large indoor places, suitable for both short and middle city traffic, users can include traffic police, patrol, security personnel and passengers, the audience, for in the narrow space traveling speed is more safe and reliable.

At the same time, the use of electrical energy, convenient access to energy, help to reduce the energy and environmental burden. It also provides a way for related technology research and development and teaching. As a typical self balancing system, because of its strong marketing ability and potential, can provide the market dynamic balance system research and development, promote the self control algorithm, gravity sensing, bionics, electric, machinery manufacturing and other fields of technology development, accumulating experience for experimental demonstration.

Research points

Two wheeled self balancing system and control method of points should be focused on the following aspects: motor, motor torque control, speed matching; balance system, the algorithm to adapt to the position of the center of gravity of the load, especially the no-load and load mode switching; on the sensor, measuring the sensor reliability, sensor distribution on the whole, cooperative vehicle parts. Relates to the basic essential data includes: a control rod axis angle deviation, body turning angle, center of mass and the axle distance, wheel radius, carrier particle, length, angle, left and right wheel axle wheel around quality, body quality, left and right and left wheel by friction torque. In addition, the road mask material and wind resistance should be considered as much as possible. In addition, in order to improve the adaptability of the system, a set of compensation control system is also needed to improve the adaptability of the vehicle.

The two wheeled self balancing electric vehicle has great market value, which is the fundamental driving force for the development of the vehicle. I believe that as a new thing in line with the development of the times, it has a strong vitality, broad prospects and broad market. As workers, actively innovation, seeking breakthroughs, for the creation and innovation of self balancing vehicle control system to contribute their strength.

After the reform and opening up, the rapid expansion of city size, population expansion is, by history, transportation construction, ideas and other reasons, the city traffic problems, traffic congestion and environmental pollution has become a social problem, not only affects the efficiency of transportation and breathing, but also has brought many problems such as environmental pollution, increase the social burden of diseases. Two wheeled balanced vehicle is a new type of transportation, which has many advantages, such as flexible, small footprint, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. It is an ideal tool for daily transportation, and it is expected to solve the urban traffic problems. The self balancing control is the key technology of the two wheeled self balancing vehicle. The latter is the key to ensure its high maneuverability, safety and low energy consumption.

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