Google map cooperating with Lime to innovate transportation modes

2018-12-19 16:13:57 manke 92

Google map is undoubtedly the most widely used electronic map in the world, and it is also the preferred navigation system for people to going out. Google previously showed the modes of transportation as walking, car driving, public transportation system and online ride-hailing. However, Google said it would work with Lime, a unicorn enterprise of shared electric scooter, to add the option of electric scooter to Google map On December 13th.


Now, when you use Google maps to navigate to a destination, it will display near Lime's parked shared electric scooter, shared cycling and shared electric bicycle; your site how long does it take to walk to the available equipment; an estimated riding cost; and calculated time of the whole trip. Therefore, users can reasonably arrange their going out modes combination according to these data.


Android and iOS versions of Google maps now offer users the option to share electric scooters in 13 cities: Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, SAN Antonio, SAN jose, scottsdale and Seattle. In the near future, Google map will popularized this function in more cities.

Although users cannot directly rent the Shared electric scooter in the Google map app, Google map will prompt new users to install Lime app to use the Shared electric scooter, which will give Lime more exposure and attract more users. It is also likely to hit Lime's biggest competitor Bird.

Google map's cooperation with Lime means that it regards electric scooter sharing as a separate mode of transportation. Combined with professional data algorithms, Google map could recommend the most convenient, the shortest and the most appropriate mode of transportation for users. This will make the combination of various modes of public transportation closer, better solve the travel problem of the last kilometer, and provide users with a more comfortable going out experience.

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