On the advantages of shared electric scooter

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Shared electric scooter has emerged in more and more cities, especially in California, where competition is drastic. Bird and Lime occupy the most part of the market. Spin, Scoot, Skip and others race to take over the left parts, and major capital groups also attempt to carve up the huge market through acquisition. So what are the unique advantages of shared electric scooters?



For users with commuting needs, they often encounter the problem of "the last kilometer" when taking the public transportation. In big cities with heavy traffic, buses sometimes run slower than walking, but electric scooters are more flexible than buses, faster and more labor-saving than bicycles and walking.

In addition, there is no inconvenience of dressing when riding shared electric scooters, users can ride in formal suits and women can ride in short skirts.



At present, most shared electric scooter companies charge a unified fee of $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute for riding, which is an affordable price for people. As a result, users who want to ride electric scooters no longer need to worry about the high purchase cost, maintenance and anti-theft problems, as well as the trouble of carrying them on buses or trains.

Environmental protection

Electric scooter is called low-carbon vehicles, because 100 kilometers of electricity consumption is about 1 kilowatt hour; carbon dioxide emissions is 0.96 kg, but the motorcycle is 5.75 kg, car is 23 kg, and bus is 3.45 kg/person. Such low emissions are in line with the current concept of green transportation.


Shared electric scooters are equipped with the Internet of Things module and GPS tracking system, which will be used to collect user’s usage patterns and travel routes and other data to better serve users through professional algorithms.

Electric scooters can traverse more complex urban terrain than bicycles, and they are lighter, take up less space, easier to move around and less difficult to transfer than bicycles.

Hank Rowe, a New Zealand employee at Lime, said: "the strength of electric scooters is that they can work with existing public transport to increase public transport accessibility and reduce people's reliance on private cars." This is the current goal of shared electric scooter.

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