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For "sharing", many people know "shared cars, shared bicycles (shared bikes)", but "shared scooters" is the hottest way of sharing economy on the current market, which can be rode by using the mobile phone to download the specialized app and then scan the QR code of scooters. It is not only easy to use, but also can be used anywhere. It needs to be folded or pushed when you need put in car or take subway. In a word, it is convenient and quick.

As a new product, the shared scooter appears on the market not only without competitors, but also suitable for mobile phone users, which not only changes the way of life, but also changes the way of travel.


According to relevant market research and analysis, there are 35% people like shared taxis in the market, 30% like shared bicycles/shared bicycles are used, and 65% like shared scooters, which indicates that more and more People tend to use small size, easy to carry, and easy to operate vehicles, because of that not only saves time and effort, but also avoid traffic jam. There are fewer people using bicycles, mainly due to the difficulty of riding bicycles and the weather environment. Many people are reluctant to use bicycles to travel, and glad to use shared scooter. Apperantly, most of the people who choose to shared car have a driver's license and the user can choose to share the car. However, there are not as many requirements for sharing scooters. As long as you can ride a bicycle, you can use a shared scooter. You can ride it after a few simple steps, making it easy to travel.

I believe that shared scooter will bring convenience to people around the world and contribute to environmental protection.

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