Shared electric scooters is a gimmick or an opportunity

2018-11-29 16:25:05 Manke 326

During this time, many online reports of the use of shared scooters have been distributed online, and the relevant media and forum communities have their own position. There are all kinds of arguments about that, but this scooter produced by the Chinese can be widely used abroad. It is also a good thing, which fully demonstrates that China has made great progress in the field of scientific and technological innovation and technology. It also reflects the continuous development and growth of our country.

According to current reports on the Internet and related information, the shared scooters is very popular on America and Europe. Some people say that it's a gimmick, mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Foreign countries have never done enough to share this matter, whether it is a bicycle or a car, because there is no case of sharing;

2. Prior to this, there were related media reporting countries on sharing trips, but they were not implemented. Therefore, there were no relevant delivery points and related policies and management measures on the market.

3. The  related software system of shared scooters need to be further improved, including the national policy laws and regulations, traffic regulations and other related systems, so when shared scooter used will be limited by these.

4. Various issues such as geographical management and scooters charging have yet to be resolved, and the user quality and road safety travel have not been well monitored.

5. Shared bicycles in China mainland, including shared bicycles such as Ofo, Xiao Huang, and Moi Bai, which are put on the market, are all referred to as gimmicks, but the limitations of management and policies have led them to be eliminated in the market sooner or later. Loss a lot.

However, there is another opinion with the following reasons:

First, through the network and human-to-human communication, people’s hearts are brought up, and then some of them are put in and coordinated with government departments. As long as they are handled properly, the relevant placing company can continue to put in and obtain More benefits;

Second, concerning the usage rate of shared bicycles in the country, they also want to engage in creation, allowing more people to use it, and then gain more benefits;

Third, due to the impact of climate and environment, so that by way of speculation, let the market get fired up, and then put in, foreigners are also trying their best;

Fourth, such hype can allow more people who want to transfer benefits to join the circle of sharing economy, and thus continue to do it. This is also the first momentum to do in order to solve the sharing problem;

The use of shared scooters mainly has two important parts. Part of the application is: the app for scanning and positioning is currently available only for Android. It cannot be used for iOS versions. This is a defect; the other part is: To use a shared scooter, you need to install 2G/4G network hardware and connect it to the app system for normal use. Therefore, whether or not implementation is implemented for shared use, it is a big challenge for R&D companies, and it is also a change.

The development of science and technology not only brought great convenience to our lives, but also played a significant role in improving the economic level and environmental protection. I hope that the future of traffic will be smarter, and sharing trips will be more convenient.

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