Sharing Scooter Operation Regulations

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The sharing of electric scooters created a wave in foreign countries. From the very beginning of the whimsical to the dust settled, it has brought convenience to the general public, but there are also many safety issues. It is precisely because of the safety law and the road traffic law. It is stipulated that sharing scooters is not introduced to the market very early and is available to people. Therefore, in order to bring convenience to people, the government and relevant agencies have carried out strict security monitoring on the shared scooters. In order to better ensure the safety and normal driving of people using shared scooters, the following problems such as traffic and charging have been solved.

First, the charging solution

In order to use the electric scooters better, it is necessary to charge him. Generally, this type of electric scooters can exercise 30km to 50km after full charge, and the speed is generally 25km, but the shared electric scooters developed by Manke Technology Co., Ltd. Life can reach 55km, normal version can reach 35km ~ 45km, speed up to 32km/h, compared to other shared scooter, regardless of material or performance is very advantageous, and in the domestic set shared app development It is also one of the best in terms of product production and processing, so it has a lot of advantages and resources. Then these shared electric vehicles are very fast when they are charging. Generally, they can be used in 2 to 4 hours. The related shared scooter company and the government have established corresponding charging facilities for them, which facilitates the sharing and use of scooters for parking and charging, and solves the problem of charging.

Second, the use of precautions and operating procedures

1. When using a shared electric scooter, check if the power is enough to get you to your destination

2. Download the app, bind the bank card, recharge 30~100 US dollars, and then go to the corresponding parking place, you can ride a trip

3. It is limited to one person when using it. It is responsible for your safety. At the same time, it needs to be parked in the corresponding position when it is used. This will not be fined or deducted, and it will be generated when it is used. Hourly fees of 2 to 3 dollars are very convenient.

4. When you use it, refuse to stop indiscriminately, this will bring traffic and other related issues.

(Note: The detailed operation process can be found on the official website of Manke Technology.)

Third, road safety regulations

1. Because of the provisions of the National Security Law and the Traffic Law, the regulations for transportation in each country are also different. In our country, sharing of electric scooters cannot be realized. Due to the influence of many factors such as large population and traffic facilities, and the impact on supervision and operation management, there is no sharing; however, in foreign countries, due to road transport facilities and government support related Policy, so being able to rise is only a matter of time.

2. Strictly stipulated in the traffic regulations, the driving speed cannot exceed 25km/h, and if it violates relevant regulations, it will face a maximum of US$5,000 or 6 months imprisonment, which is also a concern for many people.

3. It is also stated clearly in the regulations that after the shared scooters are used, they need to be returned to the designated locations, and the deposits and fines will be deducted. This also indicates that the user must take care of and use the scooters to travel and travel.

(Note: This is only a summary of some of the simplifications. Other relevant regulations vary by country.)

The above pointed out that the relevant information is also the premise of the use of shared scooters, for how to better protect and maintain this convenient means of transport sharing. We need everyone to protect and cherish, and sharing brings convenience to life. We believe that the continuous development and improvement of science and technology, as well as smart, mechanized and other convenient facilities, will be better reflected and demonstrated in our lives, and will continue to bring convenience to our lives.

The use of intelligence in life has better protected the environment and contributed to the protection of the society.

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