Business opportunities behind electric scooters sharing

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The word “sharing” is no stranger to everyone because you are riding every day and are using it. Everything is designed to make life easy and easy to travel, and to change people's lives and travel.

In my consciousness, the word “sharing” has been used in general films in China’s second- and third-tier cities since 2016. It’s a familiar bike in our lives, but it’s shared so that you want to ride and not use it. The purchase, which only needs to pay 0.5 to 1 yuan per hour, can be used. For anyone, this is a very friendly move.

However, since the beginning of the investment, more than two years have passed, the sharing of bicycles has been continuously reduced or recalled because of improper management and human factors. For consumers, the coefficient of convenience has been greatly reduced. The accompanying shared cars, for the users, will be upgraded to a higher level. First, if you want to use a shared car, you need to have a driver's license and you need to deposit RMB 700 in a shared car app before you can use it. It is because of these restrictions that many people will be restricted when they use them, but they will not be as convenient as sharing bicycles. This also caused the use of "sharing" to have people's requirements, while using restrictions.

Thanks to the development of science and technology, our lives and travel are more convenient, and artificial intelligence is also more convenient in our lives. It brings many conveniences to life and travel, and technology has changed our lives.

Followed by the introduction of shared electric scooters in foreign markets, it was also developed and produced by China Shenzhen Mengke Technology Co., Ltd., and was exported to foreign countries some time ago. It was put into life for sharing by foreign companies, and only paid 1 at a time. ~ 5 US dollars, you can use the app scan code to start a stop and other functions, more convenient and faster use. This electric scooter can reach 50km in terms of endurance, the average speed of speed is 28km/h, and the maximum speed can reach 32km/h. This means that on average, an electric scooter can share 5~10 times, and the average per vehicle is the lowest per day. The use fee is 5 US dollars. In this way, if you limit the number of 1000 vehicles in accordance with foreign government regulations, then it will generate 5,000 US dollars per day. Of course, this is the lowest standard, then the total consumption will be generated in a month = 5000x30 = 150,000 U.S. dollars, but in fact far exceeds this standard. However, the quality of this shared electric scooter produced by Dreamer Technology Co., Ltd. is also the best. Regardless of whether it is made of high quality standards in terms of material batteries or tires, this explains why he is expensive. Such a shared electric scooter, as long as the regular maintenance of the battery can be used for 5 to 10 years, which is the life of the general car. It is not particularly surprising to think about it. At the same time, huge business opportunities are hidden behind this.

The sharing of electric scooters can be shared in foreign countries. This also reflects the desire of people abroad for travel and transportation, and also attaches importance to environmental protection. Reducing the emission of harmful gases is a very important issue for protecting the environment. These are also the ways in which business people make profits, but these are not important. In general, as long as it can be used more conveniently and quickly, it can be convenient for you to travel and live.

The beauty of life lies in innovation, and technology lies in constant improvement and improvement. I believe that in the future there will be more new technologies to travel in life, bring more conveniences to life and travel, and bring more conveniences for you to travel and travel. Dreamer Technology believes that in the future, people can share the convenience brought by smart and make our travel and life more convenient.

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