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Some people say that electric vehicles are designed to conform to the development of transportation and the development of life, but the actual situation is very different from people's expectations. Some of the electric vehicles are designed to bring some people's life to help and travel to travel; on the other hand, to gain profits, the manufacturers' R & D after sales through the process to obtain benefits, of course, this is the inevitable market economy. In terms of the development of science and technology and the development of economic level, we have more and more travel and travel tools, and travel and travel are more convenient. We believe that we will travel and live in the future. On the other hand, transportation can only be popularized in our lives and it is green.

The development of electric vehicles not only facilitates travel and life, but also facilitates our travel. In the continuous improvement of electric vehicles, the volume and weight from the original 50kg ~ 100kg, reduced to today's 10kg ~ 50kg, the material becomes aluminum alloy material, worth the lighter body, the energy group changed from lead-acid batteries Lithium battery packs have increased battery life, and the overall frame has changed from the previous non-foldable to foldable mid-fold and foldable handlebars, facilitating the convenience of carrying subways, buses, and parking at home or company. Travel life, etc. is more convenient. The change and increase in the functions of many electric vehicles make electric vehicles more than just an electric or electric bicycle. Its use value is higher and it is more convenient to travel and use.

The design of the manke electric bicycle not only has a higher convenience in terms of travel and life. At the same time, Dreamer electric bicycles have higher use value in terms of plug-in and function, and bring more convenience to our travel and life. It is believed that the emergence and increase of smart vehicles in the future will bring more conveniences for travel and life to smart and travel smart devices. Intelligent transportation, environmental protection, convenience, dreamer manke intelligence and your peers!

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