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Nowadays, electric scooters and balance cars are more and more favored by young people. When they go to work, young people often see it as their means of transport and travel through the crowds of people. At the same time, he plays an important role in people's livelihood and environmental protection. Many people use it to walk around the city, avoiding traffic jams and saving time.

However, electric scooters, balance cars and other means of transport as a safety hazard also exists, for the road, the hands can take risks, whether in travel or in life, regardless of what tools. From the beginning when the hidden dangers began to exist, but we have not circumvented it. At present, police in some areas have been monitoring the unacceptable travel of electric bikes and other vehicles to ensure smooth and safe travel.

This can be better for travel and transportation and other life has a better use value.

According to a number of front-line traffic police introduced, the current use of such tools travel, most white-collar office workers, mostly on behalf of the driver at night driving. The former is the "cool", the latter is "can be loaded into the car trunk," the convenience. But no matter what, the main purpose is for convenience and convenience, which is different travel and means of transport after the current traffic jams. Especially in the second and third tier cities, in order to better avoid traffic congestion caused trouble. Just after the introduction of this into the country abroad, the rapid improvement of such environmental protection by virtue of keen market insight has led to the emergence of two rounds of scooters with poles, three-wheeled scooters, four wheels Scooters and two large round of the factory off-road balance car and a variety of electric environmentally friendly transport tools, more convenient and travel to travel.

Before the test found that: the existence of electric scooters too fast, braked, battery capacity up to less than the standard and so on, and later after strict and national production and R & D technology to mature and improve the electric scooter has been very good Solve, for the corresponding electric scooter set patents and appearance inspection, safety testing and other safety certification and testing before the launch of the market, escort people's escort. This is also one of the reasons why the patrolmen later purchased two-wheeled scooters as a means of transport. It is convenient and quick to use, convenient for attendance and patrols.

However, for the electric bikes which rely on the user's center of gravity to move forward or stop, they are more likely to be affected by a large amount of uncontrollable factors on public roads, posing a clear security threat to themselves and their surrounding pedestrians. Of course, this is the realization of a living hand. For skilled players, this balance car can be arbitrary, like how to play on how to play, fully with your body movements and movement.

Unicycle, two-wheeled balance car, electric bikes and electric scooters and other means of transport, although he did not have right of way, but it gives people the convenience of other vehicles can not be, convenience, flexibility, Easy to stop easy to release sex are far more than other means of transport, which can meet the convenience of people travel and transport.

I believe in the near future, electric balancing vehicles, electric scooters, folding bicycles and other environmental tools will provide more convenience for our travel and livelihood, bring life convenience and speed for your life and travel.

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