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February 7 Russian agent for the first time agent manke scooters amount to more than 500,000, basically occupy two-thirds of the scooter industry, manke scooters can be considered a home in Russia. Scooter as a means of transport and travel environmentally friendly transport, not only in travel and transport and other aspects play a very good role, but also in life has a good effect, convenient travel and live and work, comprehensive evaluation to meet people Basic daily short trips and living.

As a self-propelled scooter brand with more than a decade of history, Manke's products are exquisite in workmanship and are contemporary in design, ergonomic and green materials. With deep research on scooters and many years of professional accumulation, won the unanimous endorsement of the international toy industry and sports and leisure products industry, hailed as the preferred partner for the growth of children and adolescents, in the eyes of adults is healthy, exercise outdoors, exercise mental and enhance Physical and effective sports tools, as a travel and transport convenience and speed of life and role, and constantly for your life and travel to bring more convenience and speed, but also people can not deny the means of transport.

As the first brand of EU scooter wholesale, Manke is widely distributed in Europe and covers almost all EU countries such as Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, etc. In recent years, More and more regions see Manke's figure.

With the improvement of living standards, Manke has devoted himself to balancing the needs of the market with the environment and has devoted himself to balancing bicycles and scooters for children, adults and seniors. Life and other aspects of the more convenient, to bring people in the travel and the convenience of many aspects of life, so that you travel and transport and so have a better use of value. In the color design, ease of use, driving methods and many other aspects of the correction and design. In order to allow users to be safer, more confidence, more convenient to use this type of scooter, designed for better use of travel and life, etc., for counterbalanced vehicle balancing system and a variety of safety certification certification made a very Perfect We believe: do not miss a detail, one by one investigation, be perfect. Only for users to use more confidence and speed, give you the convenience of travel and transportation, so that you buy and travel to use safe and secure.

Long-term use of scooters can enhance the child's intelligence, exercise the bone and mind, lay the foundation for their future life more assured, to facilitate life and travel. For your community's environmental protection has made a contribution.

Over the past few years Dreamkeeper constantly in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil and other countries have their own agents and wholesale points, specifically for the sake of China's supply can not take too much, risk and other clients provided a small Supply channels, so not only convenient and fast, better to solve the needs of users has brought convenience.

I believe Manke will have more district-level agents in more regions or countries in the coming days and bring more convenience and convenience to people's life and travel.

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