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For many people, the process of getting in touch with the balance car is full of surprises and fears. The balance car enthusiasts will go through several processes as follows:

The initial experience - difficult to get on the train, afraid of wrestling, the body is particularly tense, stiff, hear the leaning forward when the neck and head will live in advance, but this time balance car or not very difficult to move, or move Too sensitive, people are more nervous, and sometimes wrestling, but these will only appear in the novices. For the veteran, balance car is an entertainment tool only, but also a healthy travel and means of transport. But the basic 3-5 minutes can be started up, know how to start the basic stop.

The next experience - it is generally short than the beginning, and then you will get off pondering. Do not fear the balance car and the body is not too stiff, after that the balance car can not stop or stay stationary when you use it, But as long as you are familiar with it, it will put it down, not even more like a persistent.

After two experiences are generally familiar, this experience is very fantastic and slow, and you will have a strong interest in it, and even love it after using it usaully.

Recently with a number of brands of balance cars have been introduced, but what is the necessary perfomance of choosing a balance car: 

1: Balance

This is the most basic performance of balanced car, and the article begins by saying that balance is to eliminate wobble to get an unique driving experience, so this performance is the most basic evaluation object. It is also one of the most important techniques for walking on the pavement, so it is very important when he is driving normally.

Winning or losing does not matter. When the real comparison will find that although the form is similar, but the performance is a thousand miles.

The first one: the product transferred to automatic mode or boost mode (if you can not enter the mode of the product, do not discuss it), starting near the balance point, this time the balance car will enter the automatic balance. Observe whether the balance car can remain basically stationary in auto-balance mode. If the balance car can not stand still and has been moving forward or backward,  its performance is not good. If you can keep moving to see the test below.

Second: In manned mode, stepping on the balance car, try to stay the same (this may require skills to complete). Feeling the balance car pedal surface is shaking back and forth. (Through the foot to feel whether it is shaking) A good balance system, its sensitivity is very high, higher than the human perception, so that will be the most comfortable situation. When the sensitivity of a balanced system below the human perception Sensitivity, reflected in the use of balance car is the human ankle and than will be more and more tired, safety reduced.

Third: In manned mode, uphill or downhill, if it can be more easily stopped and the balance car without any abnormal sound, you can continue the following test. Of course, this method also requires more skilled people to try, it is recommended not to easily try newcomers. This is also for safer operation and testing of experiments.

Of course, due to the beginning of universal balance car products, for most consumers, the beginning of the experience can not feel the balance of the performance good or bad, and I tell you today not identify a complex tools in the easiest period:

2: Ease of use

Balance car is very convenient in daliy life, coupled with foreign specifically for the balance car issued by the management plan, which is a good news for the use of balance car, but it is also an environmentally friendly means of transport for life and travel to bring better use of results. Home life travel, shopping malls, subway buses and other occasions can be used to facilitate the life but also driven travel environmental protection, convenient traffic advantages.

In the life and travel and other aspects of, balance car can get better use of the effect, which also solve many travel difficulties.

3: Security

Balance car for different ages have certain requirements, for children have a special balance car; just want to "manke hoverboard manufacturers, like children, specifically for the production of a 4.5-inch children's balancing car (in children over the age of 3, And the first experience needs to be under the protection of parents, and with good safety gear) ", for adults, Dreamliner technology to produce a 6.5-inch, 8 inch, 8.5 inch, 10 inch and other environments using the balance car, Scooters, safety gear and so on. Therefore, the safety of using the counterbalanced vehicle is reliable. After all, the counterbalanced vehicle has characteristics such as travel and transportation, which can not be ignored by other vehicle systems. At the same time, it is also believed that the balanced vehicle will bring more convenience to life and travel. .

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