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With the improvement of living standards and living conditions, many places began to appear balance car, a lot of it is used to entertainment and life travel. However, due to security and various problems, people have been constantly spoken, but in the end it has been recognized by people because of the maturity and improvement of technology. For example, traffic patrols police began to use the balance car on the roadside gradually appeared in many other situations in our life and travel to bring more convenience. This has also become a lot of people choose the opportunity and reason.

However, on the first day of the spring of 2018, the workers who held the post of Spring Festival started their busy work. Constantly in preparation for better operation of the Spring Festival, with increasing traffic, many positions began to take the convenience and ease of use of tools, however, "Dreamliner balance car" just became the first choice for you Life and travel led to better use and life. Bring the working staff a better working efficiency, people service and life.

For many people who participated in the Spring Festival for more than eight years, they did a good job of psychologically preparing for a workload increase of several hundreds: receiving at least a few hundred people a day and taking one hundred calls a day. Fortunately, in order to find and deal with unexpected events for the first time and reduce the fatigue of running back and forth, Guangzhou South Railway Station is also equipped with a balance car for our duty owners as a means of transport. Treading the balance car is like stepping on the "Hot Wheels", efficiency has improved.

Use the balance car can quickly find and solve unexpected things, for life and travel more convenient and faster, increase travel and transport and other aspects of the use of results. For example: 12:30 Xu, walkie-talkie suddenly sounded, A14 wicket a Hong Kong passenger ticket when sudden heart attack syncope, I quickly stepping on the "Hot Wheels" catch the past, the first contact 120 emergency, and immediately take Emergency rescue measures. This is a 63-year-old woman from Hong Kong who just came back from Zhuhai and was ready to return to Hong Kong for a sudden illness. Fortunately, we have handled the problem promptly and the elderly have no problem.

Safe travel is everyone's wish, I believe the balance of the car can bring us more convenient life and travel and more convenient, so that you in the road and life, and many other aspects of the better use of the full increase of your life and other aspects of mobility Fun, bring you better convenience.

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