The country's electric balance car out of the rectification program has been implemented balance car will walk into life

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Currently in life can see a lot of balance car travel in life, mainly is the life and exercise. But some people show them in life as a show tool, in order to show themselves. Of course, this is only a small part of the people, many people use it mainly for travel there is a balance of exercise bike, customer service psychological fear, correction of mild myopia, etc., can be said that balancing the car can not only be a means of transport, it is us Effective tool for travel.

It is precisely because of all the benefits he has, the state after finishing the comprehensive consideration of the rectification program, I believe that the balance of the modified car in the life of travel and transportation will be more convenient and quick to use, for your life and travel to bring more More convenience, so you Shenhuo and travel more convenient. In rectification put forward a lot of standard measures, but also want to regulate the use of the rules for your life to bring the label.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of the standard and to govern the industry's chaos, in October 2016, CNCA commissioned the project on the national standard for electric bikes. Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau as the earliest monitoring of the export of electric balance truck quality and safety issues and industry risk agencies invited to participate in the drafting of the standard. However, as the electric bogie belongs to the category of intelligent robots and specifically involves cutting-edge technologies in various fields such as machinery, control, sensors and the like, there is a high demand for the professional depth and breadth of the drafting work.

"In our opinion, the promulgation and implementation of national standards are of great significance to enhancing the product quality and safety standards of the entire industry and regulating the order of industrial development." According to the relevant persons from the Supervisory Department of Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, both contents National standards focus on general product technical requirements and safety requirements, not only for the manufacturer to provide the production specifications, technical requirements and test methods, but also for manufacturers, test and inspection units and users with the necessary safety evaluation criteria and guidelines for safe use of protection . Therefore, in manufacturing, enterprises can also develop their own products in accordance with national standards of corporate standards, to promote standardization of electric vehicles standardized production, product safety.

"At present, foreign buyers have raised their assessment of China's supplier of electric balance vehicles and added an assessment of product safety factor. It is believed that with the implementation of national standards, the electric balance vehicle industry will lead to a rapid growth this year."

    Believe that the benefits of a balanced car to us as much as the convenience of the car, especially in the second and third tier cities to work, in order to travel convenience, unless you drive earlier, otherwise the traffic jam is very serious. So many people choose to use a scooter, balance the car, driving a car using a universal car bracket, etc., a lot of choice and use for your life and travel, etc. brought a lot of convenience to facilitate your life and daily life, They are a very handy and fast tool, but transportation and living are very convenient for us. I believe the future balance car, the popularity of scooters will bring more convenience to our life, travel and life for your more convenient.

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