Briefly describe the development of electric vehicles

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The development of electric bicycles, the industry generally recognized as three stages of development: the initial stage of electric bicycles, the initial stage of production scale, speeding stage of development.

The primary stage of electric bicycles is also known as the early experimental production phase of electric bicycles, from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly on the four pieces of electric bicycles, motors, batteries, chargers and controllers of key technologies to explore research. R & D and production mainly in spontaneous production companies gather information, tracking technology, market organization, small batch market trial launch, also makes the electric bike began to enter the consumer's perspective, and they are gradually recognized to accept. Another point of view, the use of electric bicycles and living and living standards have led to the development of travel and economic development through technical improvements and production levels and living standards, our life and production has come to a very high stage , From technology and production and processing both life and travel to bring the good and promote the role of play.

The second stage is called the first stage of production scale, because this period of time there are several opportunities to promote electric bicycles, making the difficult stage in the initial e-bike ushered in the spring, and more Is the development of the industry has entered a large-scale. This period of time is generally recognized as the period from 2000 to 2004, during which time, as the breakthroughs in key technologies and the continuous improvement of the performance of electric bicycles, electric bicycles to become a motorcycle and bicycle Alternative products, which are fast, environmentally friendly, convenient and inexpensive, also stimulate the market's appeal for electric bicycles. In the growing market demand, the previously R & D and manufacturing enterprises rapidly rise, some new enterprises are also beginning to enter, and their investment in electric bicycles is also increasing, making the rapid expansion of production capacity. However, this is the people's understanding of electric vehicles and cognition has also been greatly changed, to facilitate the life and travel, many people have chosen the bike to travel.

At this stage, our life and travel have been greatly changed, which also makes many people abroad gradually began to pay attention to the Chinese market, understand a variety of commodities. At this moment, some Chinese businessmen also saw this business opportunity, so some people started the market of goods take-off and sales and continuously reached agreements with foreigners. As a result, a large amount of merchandise began to be exported abroad, so more people Also saw the opportunity to export more and more people, which led to the subsequent more and more people use and travel convenient and quick travel, quick travel, convenient for export.

The third stage is from 2005 to the present, this stage is China's electric bike speeding stage of development, the industry jokingly called "the stage of spraying." During this time period, with the fierce competition among enterprises which greatly stimulated the progress of technology and the proliferation of new technologies, the technical level of the whole industry has been greatly improved, the battery life and capacity increased by 35%, the motor from a single brush Tooth motor developed into a brushless high efficiency motor, life expectancy increased by 5 times, efficiency increased by nearly 30%, climbing and loading capacity increased by about 3.5 times. While the performance is improving, the manufacturing cost is also greatly reduced, and the price power is reduced to 21% of the original value. In the controller system and the charging system, the technical level is also greatly increased. Electric bicycles continue to invest in the market and a large number of R and D production, coupled with a lot of manufacturers have begun to carry out and production of electric vehicles, resulting in a short period of time in the market there have been 9 million in the Advisory sing well , Triggered a potential congestion in our lives and travel, bringing convenience and speed of living.

   I believe in the future electric car will give us life and travel to bring more convenience for the green travel traffic environmental protection, everyone will pay a power, electric travel to give you more convenience, life will be more green, Brilliant and beautiful!

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