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I believe everyone is familiar with the bike, especially in this day and age, can be seen everywhere. But few people know the history of bicycle development, whether in his appearance or inventor, for many people are a very convenient means of transport.

At the end of the 18th century, French cyclac invented the earliest bicycles. And this bike is wooden, simple structure, there is no drive, there is no steering device, the rider by two feet forward, change direction can only get off moving car. Even so, when Sevrak rode the bike to the park for a ride, the presence of people also feel very surprised and amazed. However, the world of practical bikes appeared at the end of 19.

     In 1817, German Dreis invented a wooden two-wheeled bike with a handlebars in Paris, France. Although the bicycle was still using pedals to move forward, the bike could be redirected while traveling. His appearance caused a lot of people's attention, but also hook everyone's wisdom. At this time, the French a lot of imitation, for a time, thousands of bicycles appeared in the streets of Paris. In 1830, the French government also equipped postmen with bicycles as a means of transportation. Subsequently, the technology and performance of bicycles continue to improve. In 1839, the British Macmillan invented a pedal-powered bicycle, riding two feet without pedaling, improve driving speed.

Reynolds bikes were born in 1869, the frame made of steel pipe production, the wheels are also changed to steel rings and spokes, solid tires can be turned to the bike, make the bike more portable. In 1886 Stalley, a British mechanical engineer, devised a new style of bicycle fitted with a front fork and a front brake. The front and rear wheels were the same size to maintain the balance and made of diamond-shaped frame with steel tubes. For the first time, rubber wheels . Staly not only improved the structure of bicycles, but also modified many of the machine tools used to produce bicycle components, opening up a broad path for the mass production and promotion of bicycles. Therefore, he was later known as the "father of bicycles." He designed the bicycle model and today's bicycle looks basically the same. In 1887, British Lawson completed the design of the chain-driven bicycle. In the same year, the British Deng Luopu developed a pneumatic tire. Since then, bicycle technology has also been converted to commercialization, mass production and on the market.

After a lot of frustration, bicycle is considered into people's lives, in life as travel traffic, daily life, and sometimes people are also used to transport things, compared to the previous mode of transportation is much cheaper, and very effort . Over time, life and travel have gradually embarked on the path of technological development, interconnected. The continuous development of science and technology also brings convenience and speed to people. It basically solves the problems of traveling in our daily life and makes life and travel better. It brings many good things.

With the continual improvement and perfection of science and technology, people nowadays always find electric bicycles, electric folding bicycles, electric scooters, electric four-wheeled skateboards and electric vehicles and other electric vehicles, which are not only convenient for life but mostly People are also marketed abroad to bring convenience and ease of use to foreigners. I believe in the future, our life and science and technology will be stronger, our lives and transportation will become more convenient. Technology to change life, traffic change economy, the future of innovation and technology We work together!

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