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Almost overnight, the scooter conquered young people all over the world with its unique lightness and dynamism. Scooters glide silently from time to time; and those in the 20th century, the 90's, do not know why scooters Chinese manufacturers export scooters have accounted for half of European and American scooter market. In this way, the dream of exporting Chinese scooters to Europe and the United States has been fulfilled. In the same way, the predicted plan has been completed and the market has been gradually occupied in foreign markets.

Scooter hot start?

Scooter originated in the United States, was originally a man named Dean Kamen design, and later gradually increased production in this area, the development of this tool and design to increase the effectiveness of this aspect has become a favorite of wealthy families. For people's lives and travel to bring convenience and speedy use, and constantly for your life and travel time to bring a shortcut, a variety of ways to use not only bring convenience is more convenient travel traffic.

But cautious manufacturers at the same time the market has a sensitive smell. Mr. Tang said: China formally launched mass production after the Canton Fair in April. At that time, a factory in Taiwan Province moved to Dongguan to produce scooters, so that a large number of manufacturers saw the opportunity. Canton Fair is not over, we will come back to increase equipment and manpower to start mass production. Manufacturers like this have advanced and excellent manufacturers and have a sensitive market sense of smell, increased the production of this means of transport, and at that time there is a lot of people abroad, while stable in foreign markets, many scooter manufacturers, Starting to tilt towards a profitable industry is a basic attribute of capital. In addition to the relatively low barriers to entry, businesses from all walks of life join hands to mobilize large factories and small workshops. Scooters have developed into major industrial chains in some areas of mainland China.

Competition: From price to brand

Scooter prices in the highest temperature in July and August 2000 also reached a high temperature, and deduced in September the amount of the price of Christmas market. As of November, with the increase of manufacturers, the market supply increased, the competition in the international market became more fierce, the firm prices started to decline, and the market prices showed chaos. "Now is relatively low season, especially after the Canton Fair, as the goods prepared for the Christmas have been shipped, the factory orders are relatively small .Now the inquiry is still more customers, but orders a lot less.

Many different factors have led to the use of the scooter is more convenient to use, while a variety of marketability factors led to the scooter in the market status of the loss, resulting in lower prices, but this is only a single aspect , As well as changes in the country's policies and living standards, people's understanding of scooters and so on. But no matter what the final result, the scooter has also passed the market's most brilliant growth. I believe in the back will also regain confidence to bring convenience and convenience to life, in order to live and easy to use. 

In fact, many people have the word when buying ideas, Mr. Steve Moore introducing the US market, said: "Many Southeast Asian companies are exporting to the United States scooter, the market has become uncertain, the price is falling .This is for consumers Is a good thing.Now, consumers spend 70-100 US dollars can buy a scooter, some companies also included in the sale of gifts, so that the actual price of the product has dropped a lot.At the same time in the price and market after the cold, the market gradually On the right track, which is also due to traffic congestion and young people's preferences, scooters started to take good, accept the people's favorite, slowly developing and progressing, but many market-sensitive manufacturers believe that the future of the scooter market will Achieve a better level.But do not know how long time?

I believe the future, through the travel and use of scooters our life and travel will embark on a convenient road, continue to bring convenience to our life, I believe the future, we walk together with the scooter!

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