Balance car new standard established, the trend is looking

2017-12-26 15:57:16 manke 100

According to the report, the reporter learned from Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that "the safety requirements and test methods for electric balancing vehicles" and "general technical conditions for electric balancing vehicles" have been promulgated. The long-term domestic standard of electric balancing vehicles will be resolved. The implementation of this standard Date January 1, 2018, to fill the gaps in China's standard car industry standards, the standardization of the car market has played a good role in promoting.

The continuous development and improvement of the counterbalanced car has led to the gradual increase of the counterbalanced car in use. At present, more counterbalanced cars are exported to other countries and mainly exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Jiangsu Wuxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the area intends to conduct trial electric bikes, production or export enterprises attach great importance to the implementation of new national standards, do a good job of product certification work; strengthen the product GB and export certification of continuous learning, in strict accordance with the relevant Standards organizations production, testing; electric balance car important components such as battery safety requirements do a good job of product quality and safety risk investigation, to ensure export battery and vehicle safety.

For the use of balance car or enthusiast, the use of a balance car is not only to travel life, he can exercise the flexibility of the body, their own balance and we have overcome the psychological fear has a good advantage, it is also very good Help us to understand and use. Balance car in life is a green non-polluting means of transport, he is easy to use and convenient, is a worthwhile choice of transport. The continuous improvement of the development of the balance car has brought convenience to our life and made it more convenient and convenient to use for our life. At present, with the economic development, the number of vehicles is constantly increasing. Many people have also chosen a balance car as a means of transport. He has brought convenience and convenience to our life. It is not only a pleasure to travel, Travel to bring a better life, a creative life travel, our travel will be more beautiful.

To create the concept of environmental protection, the development of a balanced car may be brought to our life in the future to bring more perfect experience, give you a better life and fun!

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